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Wish i wouldn't have said that



I wish I wouldn't have said what I did in my last entry. It sounds selfish and cruel to me. But I guess that's what this is all about, writing what you feel at the moment. Maybe I'll look back on it someday and realize how far I've come. Maybe I'm apologizing to myself, who knows. Whatever the case, I'm sorry I said it. My husband has done nothing but continue to improve and try to make things better for us. I'm a lot luckier than a lot of people. Guess I'll open the cage door and walk out now. I never should have allowed myself get there in the first place.


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Don't be so hard on yourself. The tension just builds up for caregivers sometimes and we say things we don't mean. I know I do....I liken them to temper tantrums that little kids have. If you want to read one of mine, look at my blog entry titled Plumbing 101. I'm not proud of what I said to/yelled at Don but we are human, with all the foibles that entails.



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OK Cindy - I got mad at Kimmy - now it's your turn!!!!


It's ok to feel what you are feeling!!!


You aren't mad at your husband!!! You really don't want to leave your life!


You want a "calgon, take me away" moment, a box of godiva chocolates, and a manicure done by a professional, who will throw in the hand massage for free.



You have every right to say you want your freedom!!! It tells all of us you are human. And caregiver or survivor - that's all we can be.


Take time for you - it's ok.


Love, V




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Thanks you guys. I guess if we held that stuff in we would explode. And I'm going for mani & pedi Friday. no freebies though. sad.gif

I'll check it out Jean. Thanks again,


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From what I've seen, no one judges you by your feelings at the time you blog. We all go through bad spells where nothing seems like it's going like it should. It's during these times that you need to write. How else will we know if you're upset or not, or if you need support? You blog what you want to, need to. That's what this is all about.

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