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to be free



I was reading someone else's blog and they said they wish they had a day where they weren't needed. God I dream for a day like that, but is probably best not to, since it probably won't ever happen. Even if I get away by myself for a few days, the thought won't go away. It just stays there like a fly to the sticky tape.


I know I talk a lot about my therapist. But one time she asked me, if your husband just flat out left you or asked for a divorce how would it make you feel. Much to my own surprise I said free. Sometimes I feel so trapped. Of course, I would never leave my husband or I would have done it by now. I love him too much. I don't even know why I'm writing this. Maybe I just want to FEEL FREE again. I guess it's just one of those days and I'll be back to normal soon.


And yeah, I know, so many people have it much worse than I do.


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I think it is normal human nature to always desire something you don't have. "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" comes to mind. Does that make you a bad persom? Not at all, it makes you normal.


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i have a burning desire to be FREE that's hot enough to light a candle!!!

i know what you mean about that. if you've EVER read anything i have written about my marriage(s) then you know that i am CERTAINLY NOT QUALIFIED as a marriage counselor. BUT, i do think a few days away alone or with a friend, might do you some good.


my best



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To be free. Good thought, let's examine it and see what we can come up with.


The word free is interesting, I figured that to be totally free while wearing a suit of flesh is darn near impossible, sort of like a paradox,


So therefore, become as free as possible by giving up things that weight us down...down... down.


I have a lot of suggestions, I am on that journey, to be free, I have won some battles, I'm closer to the non BS laden truth than I was.


In a sense I am free but then I have this darn body that keeps getting in the way.


No fear, none, remove fear, accept life, accept eternity, time does not exist, it is always now.


Peace and Love,



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