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Another bump.surgery



Well I was told yesterday I get to have surgery because of a cyst found on my right ovary. My options are to have the ovary removed through the belly button and then have a DNC, burning the uterus lining because of hormone issues caused by the cyst. Or a complete hysterectomy. The doctor will try the hysterectomy through the belly button and leave the cervix. I think I'll opt for the hysterectomy and if she has to cut me then take the cervix too. (Maybe I'll ask for a tummy tuck while she's cutting).


The reason for the hysterectomy is because I had breast cancer in Oct. 2002 and don't want to take any chances. I hope the cyst isn't cancer too even though they don't think so because it's a solid mass. Yeah well they didn't think the breast was cancer either.


I was fine with it yesterday. Now I'm feeling sorta blue. Oh well, just another bump in the ride. Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself but one thing I know for sure is that I hate this lonely feeling. I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple of hours.


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Hi Cindy,

Sorry to hear your news. I've decided that I'd like to donate my female innards to science, but no one wants them. I don't need them anymore, I'm a great believer in "If you don't use it, get rid of it" I'll be thinking of you.


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It's natural for a woman to mourn the loss of her ovaries, even if she is pass wanting more children in her life. So, take the time you need to feel blue about it, but don't feel alone....okay? You've got a whole family of people here on this site who care and understand what this means to you. I know we're not the same has having your husband able to say the words you need to hear. But in your heart of hearts, you already know what is in his without hearing the words out loud. Tell him to give you an extra hug that will be from me.





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Thanks Pam & Jean (and Cinder for pm'ing me). Am feeling better and knowing you are here caring means more than I can put in to words. I think of you all as my family too. He gave me the extra hug from you Jean. Thanks so much you guys. pash.gif


I've decided the hysterectomy is the best thing to do given my circumstances, just don't know when yet.

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I had a hysterectomy a little over 2 years ago It was the best thing that happened to me. I was bleeding all the time. I had a total one done. beings i had 3 c-sections before i didn't think that i hurt anymore then that. You could check out Hystersisters.com they have a lot of good information and support.



good luck jeane

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Wow Jeanne...thanks for the info. This is what I was hoping for. Someone who had gone through it. I'll check out that web site. pash.gif

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