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A bracelet?



I was at work the other day and my husband called me. "Hi huuuuneee". I said hi back, he said "I'm gowin to the, the, the,....dam" I said Mall? "Yeahh" You going to get some coffee? (his usual reason or just to watch people). "No, I'm gowin to get you a br..br..bracelet". And what do you think my first response was?......Oh no honey you don't have to do that. "Oh okay".


NO, wait, think, what would have been my normal response. "Ummm, wow thanks... what for?" So I backtracked and asked him. "Oh I don't know, you want a gowe gowed one? (I'm not making fun of the way he talks, it's reality and has improved to the point that sometimes it makes me shake my head in disbelief) Yes, you know I like gold better than silver. "Okay hunneee"


He used to call me mommy all the time. Still has a hard time saying my name but I like hunneee much better!!! smile.gif


Anyway, I came home and asked, so where's my bracelet? "You wanted gowed, heh, heh, heh, heh." He was thinking real gold and he forgets about the credit card (unlike me of course). So I figured it out and realized he couldn't get me the bracelet, which I could care less about. The thought that he wanted to do it meant so much more to me. So, I said to him it didn't have to be real gold and it meant more to me he thought about doing it.


And so what is my point to all of this? Stop being his mother/ caregiver, feeling sorry and be his wife. Old habits are hard to break but at least I caught myself.

And realized here he keeps coming back more and more in every way. My husband always thought about me and did all he could to make me happy. No wonder I missed him so much when he was gone.


Oh well, babbled long enough.

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What a great entry. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad he is coming back to you, piece by piece. Recovery never stops! Reap the rewards girl, you deserve it!


PS I like gold too

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