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At Last it's Friday



I survived the week! It started off badly, but towards the end all is well now and I am moving on. I have dinner plans this weekend with my sister, her boyfriend and a male friend of hers. He also had a stroke, there will be much to talk about. My sister, her daughter and me plan to go out Sunday to spend a sister day together. We have been doing that alot lately.


Lately I have been planning outings with my boy, my baby - a pug (Butch(y)). This weekend we don't have anything too exciting planned. Maybe get our nails done (well really his, a nail clipping). He loves potatoes so for a treat for being good (that's a whole nother story) so we go to McDonals for fries or a hashbrown. I think also if it's nice like it has been (I live in Minnesota) I may go to the dog park too.


So, here's my story about getting his nails done. I brought him to a local Petsmart to get his nails clipped. This isn't the first time that this has been done, but he seems to be very touchy with his nails. This particular day I brought him to Petsmart was the last day. The technicians placed a collar on him, had 4 people holding him down. They did not finish the nail clipping, instead they gave him back and said we cannot finish. Here's your money, and he's not allowed back. Bad Butchy!


So I bring him to the vet and pay more now to have his nails clipped. He used to scream, yell, bite and poop he would get so upset. Until one day.....I told him if he was good that he would get a hashbrown. Guess what? He was a angel, the vet technician was was so surprised that it was the first time in 5 years that he was ever offered a treat. I was so proud of my boy that day.


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Tonya, boys always respond well to treats, applies to humans and dogs...lol. I had an Aussie silky that hated his nails clipped too, should have got an Oscar for his distressed dog performance.


Welcome to the therapeutic world of blogging. Writing what is bugging me down, getting it out, helps me to sort it all out. So I have a blog that goes back four years now. It also helps me see that I can overcome a lot of things with the support of these kind folk here on Strokenet.


No advice on recovery after divorce as I have been married 42 years. I am caregiver to my husband Ray who has had five strokes and many other illnesses. So we have been stroke survivor and caregiver for the past ten years so between us have lots of stroke stories. It is hard coping with all the changes but so far we've survived it together.



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You know, I see this commercial on TV about having/using the right tool for nail clipping of your pets. I wonder if his behavior is caused by a bad experience of hitting the nerve in his toenail?


Supposedly, this tool they advertise won't cut too deep to hit the nerves. If you bought it you could do his nails at home yourself, what you think? Otherwise expect to keep doing the treat thing if that's what it takes!!!

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Thank you for the idea fking, unfortuately this little dog, that seems like he couldn't hurt anything is nothing to mess around with when it comes to his nails or even ticks. I guess being a mommy to him I would rather pay for someone else to do it, then I can be the consoling mom.

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