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It's a manic Monday!



Went to the dog park like I had planned on Saturday, Butch really enjoyed it and met many friends. Saturday night I joined my sister, her boyfriend and friend for dinner and games. It was a great night. Sunday my sister and I went to the mall, and spent a sister day together. Enjoyed eating, chocolate, massages and even had fun at a mirror maze. That was hilarious, strongly recommend anyone that hasn't already, pay for it. It is so fun. Then we went over to my sister's and played the xbox with her boyfriend, and the friend from Saturday night.


Well my husband just informed me that the paperwork for the divorce has been filed. Soon it will be final. I was asked how a feel, and you know I am okay with it.


Unless something major happens with the divorce process that I feel I need to talk about it, I will no longer be discussing him or the divorce. I do enjoy telling stories about my baby, so you probably will read alot about him. In fact he's such a bizarre creature that I am bringing him to a pet communicator this Saturday.


So let me tell you how my move went with him. After being home (off of work over a week) in the new place, I decided to leave only for a few hours to get him used to being alone while I was at work. With my parents living upstairs it makes things easier, especially to check up on him. So I called them half way and I guess he cried, howled, and barked, scratched the door as soon as I left and didn't stop until I got home. Boy did he have larengitis that night.


I am writing this at work, can you believe between helping customers and typing this it took me 8 hours. More to follow tomorrow.



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Well, the real thing is you are finding things to do, you will not get bored with your little one waiting for you each day. The one with two legs...Well that's another chapter!! Been there done that!

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