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Good day



It's a beautiful day, I wish I didn't have to sit here at work. Although in today's economy I guess I shouldn't be wishing anything other that having a job right now.


Let me go back to my story about my boy. So after I heard about the bad things he did the first time I left him, I decided to kennel him. This boy has been so spoiled in the past years that he has never been in a kennel. I thought I would make it nice and comfy, I bought a nice pet bed.


I left again for a little bit, this time I placed him in the kennel, with a belly band on. I placed the pet bed in the kennel with a "special" toy. While being gone for a while again I called my parents, they said he's being really good and that he did bark/cry at first but he stopped. He must have gone to sleep. I was so happy knowing my boy was being good.


Well that feeling didn't last long.


I got home, so excited to see my boy. Went to take him out of the kennel (the top opens so it's easier to take him out/in). I found the pet bed on top of him I removed the bed to find that he was all sweaty and he took the belly band "diaper" off.


Well the next day I did the same thing EXCEPT I just put him in the kennel, no diaper, no bed or toy. Again I called my parents, this time he was not being good he barked/cried and howled the whole time while I was gone. I decided to come home early and check on him. I can't believe this (well I sort of can)! I went to take him out and he pooped in the kennel. Not only did he poop but he smeared it all over. I am very upset right now.


Can you believe there are more stories to come




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