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Happy April Fool's Day!



I can't believe Easter is right around the corner. It's amzing how time flies, hopefully it slows down to enjoy the summer.


So the stories continue....


After I was so fed up with the pooping in the kennel and smearing it around. I washed him and the kennel up. I stored the kennel and swore I am not going through that again. I put up a baby gate for the next day, I actually had to work this time I had left for a longer period of time (working full time -gone about 9 hours). I had called my parents part way through the day to check up on him. My mom had told me that Butchy got loose and scratched at her door. I kept saying I am sorry because I had thought I didn't lock the gate. Well as we were talking Butch got loose AGAIN he started scratching at the door again. After our conversation, I talked to the that evening. Here Butchy escaped 5 times. I have a little escape artist on my hands.


The next day, I had no idea what to do next so I went to the vet. There we talked about what was going on and what can be done. The only conclusion is to give him Tranquilizers. I ended up buying them, to my surprise I have never used them as of yet. He was/has been such a good boy since I bought them.


We are going to a pet communicator this Saturday, it should be interesting to hear what she has to say.


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