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i didn't think its been that long since i blogged, but the screen don't lie. its been busy around here at times. we have been thinking of packing up and moving back to texas, our home. work here for my hubby is pretty much non-existent. our housing situation isn't much better. we have been fighting our bank for over a year and the attorney isn't getting anywhere either. i think its just time to walk away and move on. the economy is terrible everywhere. all of our family is back in texas or oklahoma and i want to spend more time with my dad while hes still with us. my brother is getting transferred to houston for his job, so i will even have them there now. we have lived in arizona for over 30 years, my youngest son was born here but the good news with him is he passed the nursing board test and is now an LPN. we are just waiting for his license to come then he can work anywhere even in other states without retesting in that state. so i think its just a matter of time before we pack it up and move. this will be a huge challenge for me but one i will enjoy i think. finding a new home will be the hard part as we have a farm moving with us. 4 dogs, 3 cats and a ferret. i will not give up my pets, my little one mya is 6months old now and is the joy of my life, she has given me so much love and affection since her unexpected birth. her mother gypsy has now been spayed so this will not happen again. its mya's turn now and this will be done. my grandsons both are growing and keeping their mom and dad in line. jake definitely has taken on the big brother role. i am sorry i still haven't posted any pictures of my brood yet, i have been trying to keep my puter clean of viruses and kinda afraid of doing anything with it lately. definitely staying away from fb, just when i was having fun there, figures huh. i will pick out the ones i want and have someone help me and i'll get 'er done. i think i have covered my exciting life since my last blog. my volunteer work here on strokenet keeps me busy most days with chatting and the other things i do. i do get up a zillion times a day to let the dogs out and potty training a puppy that is not easy when you cannot move fast enough to get the door open for her, but bless her heart shes learning and if you saw how sweet her face is you couldn't get mad at her if she doesn't make it . thats why we have a carpet shampooer, accidents do happen. but she's mama's baby mya girl.!!!!!! do you think i've spoiled her yet?? nnnnaaaawwww i don't think so. so thats my life, different chapter. til next blog, hugs to all


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Kimmie, I am sorry I didn't know things were so difficult for both you and your husband. What type of work does your husband do? These are definitely trying times and times I have never seen in my lifetime. I have a brother-in-law who worked in manufacturing as a plant supervisor and he lost his job two years ago next month. He is in his 50's and has gone on so many interviews. Unemployment has run out and he is now working part-time from 9 am until 1 pm @ $13 an hour for Fed Express. He would love to get on but they have told him the part-time jobs available will not lead to full-time. They are living off of the money he had saved in his 401K.


If you do decide to move back to Texas, it sounds as though you would be close to family which is good...and those two grandsons which is even better.


My thoughts are with you.

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Kim, it just might be time to move to Houston, my hometown too, cause the aliens landed in Arizona yesterday and had trouble with an earthling gas pump, the younger one thought was ignoring him, so he he shot him with his ray gun!!!


You gotta read it today in the Humor Forum, you'll be ready to pack up and leave town. Hope the birthday fun is going well! :D:lol:

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Kimmie we thought about moving to Arizona but you are right I think Arizona has less to offer in the job market. Hugs and best wishes for all your hearts desires. Karen

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Hi Kimmie, thanks for the update... my blog is somewhere in the back with cobwebs.. Glad Mya is doing better with the potty training.. I am so happy for warm days, and i can leave the door open and I m not the doorman for my "brood"


If you have a job in Arizona now is the time to buy a house there.. The house property values really took a HUGE hit. I am sorry the issue for you still hasn't been resolved. :(


I know you will be excited to be closer to family and espically the "boys"


Thank You for ALL you do here :)



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thankyou all for your kind thoughts and words, i truly appreciate them. we are by far not the only ones going through this. it will all work out somehow. stessie, my hubby has his own business working in construction. so we know how that is way down now because of the housing situation, why build new homes when there are so many foreclosures out there. they say the job market is better here now but i sure fail to see it. fred, who knows we may end up in houston, if so you'd be the 1st person i would love to meet. the alien joke, i read it and it happens all the time out here. LOL the little green men love the desert for some reason to pick up people to experiment on. thank you all again. i will try to keep my blog updated more currently now. wishing everyone a beautiful spring with rainbows and flowers. love n hugs to all. kimmie

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hi kimmie.....like bonnie, my last blog and strokenet visit is lost in the cobwebs of the dark ages.

sounds to me like texas is the place for you to go! having moved before (as you may remember) from fl back to our real home of mass i suggest a pre-move trip to the part of texas you want to move to. we moved and did not have a place to move to....and with 2 cats and a dog it was stressful. if your hubby can job hunt and then find a house near his work would be ideal!

the actual packing is something i would rather forget but...my mottowas "when in doubt throw it out".....lol...or sell it.

i so, so, so want things to work out for you...keep us posted. and congrats to matt! hugs! kathy

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