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As those of you who are regular readers of my ocassional blogs know, I don't talk about my medical situation often. But I think this important enough to try and get the word out. About six months ago I was diagnosed with arterial fibrillation (a-fib). I found that pedalling my exercise bike at any heart rate above 115 to 120 caused me to go into a-fib. I saw a cardioligist and was put on a beta blocker. No improvement. The next alternatives were not attractive to me. One day while on webmd.com, I saw an ad for a "cure" for a-fib. I'll make a long story short: It worked for me, at least so far. It is a herbal concoction from New Zealand called Flemeton. After taking it for about three weeks, I can now get my heart rate up to 135 which is my therectical max, and keep it there for as long as I wish without triggering an attack of a-fib. The product claims most a-fib will be cleared up in two months or less of daily dosing of the product, severe cases may take three months. It is not expected that taking the med for more than three months will be necessary, thus it is sold as a 90 day supply. It has worked for me. It costs about $1 a day for a 90 day supply. Money well spent in my mind. I plan to take the entire 90 day supply and then hopefully taper off the beta blocker and see what happens.


Another bit of medical news. I have lost the weight I spoke of in my last entry, and have now been able to go off the diruertic I have been on since my stroke. Lesley has also been able to go off hers as well, now that she is exercising daily and we are both eating a very healthy diet.


Enough medical stuff, Lesley and I have added four new raised beds to our garden this spring and I have put a soaker hose watering system in all the beds. The entire garden area is fenced in as well. We have also moved a pile of crushed rock around to various places near the house to take care of some settling. In amongst all of this I have managed to get my fishing gear ready for the fast approaching season. We are also preparing for the upcoming season of baking bread and selling it at the local Farmer's Market.


Now that Lesley is retired, I will not have to pile rocks in the front of my canoe for ballast, she will do nicely and paddles much better than rocks. More conversation too.


Anyway, enough for now. Please, if you know anyone who suffers from a-fib, encourage them to try this stuff.

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hey Wes:


that's great news on all front. I know onw of the old member was suffering from A-fib I will ask her to check on your blog




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