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Back to work



Well, today was the day. At my wits' end, trying to figure out where we go from here, God sends me an angel. Bruce's boss and friend, who comes every week and was aware of my concern, says last week," Let's do a work day. That's what he wants." After the weekend with the laundry and everything, the three days of prep, and I was already exhausted: hair cut, beard trim, shaving, grooming, clothes, travel bag etc. You all know the drill. After Bruce found out he was going back to work, anytime he got confused this week, he reverted to estimating. He did this very early on. The lingo is very distinct, so we all knew what he was doing- Fall back on what you are comfortable with. He was up at 4 am, his normal (personally I was surprised he slept at all). I was prepped by Tuesday night so had kept Wednesday light, no angst and then of course Leo came to give me a break. Shower first thing when I got up, newspaper (I showered then), breakfast, dressing and off to OT at 9 am. Off to work by 10 am. His boss had slotted out 2 hours just for Bruce. We have known this family 20 years. Bruce and his boss are very close. Bruce taught him the business when he was fresh out of college and as he said to me tonight, "I now get to teach the Master." His wife got me through Nursing school. I left the building. I arrived back at noon and Bruce says to me "I just want to finish this." His boss called me just a bit ago. He was so excited about the time they had. Bruce figured out the specs on an envelope, called the supplier and made his needs know. In all fairness, the supplier, who comes to visit and bring dinner once a month, had had a heads up. Then Bruce did another quote on the computer (no difficult math, his boss had prepped easy stuff to begin with), fixed the errors and then did a final printout. His boss reports he had trouble with the mouse, going left-handed. But now Bruce understands why I fought with him to use the home computer. Bruce actually said to me "the more I use it , the more comfortable I will be." No kidding, but at least now he can see the connection. We shall see. On the ride home, Bruce said he was a bit anxious on the ride to work, but felt comfortable and capable once he got into it. He said he did not feel overwhelmed or confused. We had a quick bite for lunch and then Bruce had a 2 hour nap. He was still tired tonight and went to sleep about 8:30 pm. I have not felt this positive in a very long time. His boss called, reported what had happened. He was so excited and said "I want him back next week." This kid has been doing his job and Bruce's job for 14 months. The last thing he needs is to slot out 2 and/or more hours a week to assist Bruce. But this is an incredible family. His boss's brother also helped out and the Dad came in, just in case. I am not reading a lot into this. I have had enough back steps to understand that now. But my sister said "if this is what you get, so be it. At least he got his mind back. He won't walk around the block, or perhaps get his right arm/hand back, but at least he will have the one thing he loves and can do."


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Wow, this just blew me away. What an incredible family! What a great acceptance of reality. Fantastic that they all lined up so that Bruce could have this re-entry into something he loves so much. I am very impressed and would fly over there at great expense just to hug them all if I could.





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it's great that Bruce has good boss who is ready to help out Bruce. going back to work even for few hours will help Bruce mentally lot. so you should continue it.





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