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Good Weekend



Well on Thursday PT had Bruce walking in the parallel bars unassisted, including getting up and sitting back down. The bars are there in case he loses his balance, but from the little I saw, his balance was excellent. He thought so too. OT then got Bruce to finally move his arm, backwards, nothing forward yet. She kept asking him to move it and he kept shaking his head no, but being the Pro that she is, she talked him into trying and then he did it-five times, not just a one trip fluke. Am trying to plan day trips on weekends to keep him up. Those seem to be our worse days. Saturday we took a trip up to a local library to see a wood carving exhibit by a disabled Vietnam Vet. They were gorgeous. Several of his pieces are up for major awards. The Vet was so impressed we had come and Bruce was in a WC, invited us to his reception. Today we went off to Bridgeport Harbor to see the HMS Bounty. This was the ship commissioned to be built for the movie. It was remarkable. This Harbor is set up for tourists: good planking, shops, restaurants and a private marina where there were some awesome boats. Plus what is better than 72 degrees and sunny on Long Island Sound? Took a side trip to Seaside Beach-this is where PT Barnum used to hang out. It is an immense public beach by Connecticut standards, immaculate and very handicapped-friendly. Sad happening in town this week. An elderly couple who lived here all their lives were victims of murder-suicide. The wife had advanced Alzheimer's and the caretaker-husband was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They have three children with families also in town. The general response has been while everyone was sad, they also understood. The up side of all of this is the awareness of lack of services for in home caregivers-and not just Alzheimer's or Dementia. The connection to Stroke Awareness month was also mentioned and the family is looking into doing something in their parent's names along these lines. The VNA is considering a caregiver support group and I will be calling them tomorrow. We miss the pool but looking forward to more days at work. All in all a good week. Debbie


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Wow, on lots of fronts. Good effort - well done for Bruce, walking alone without the bars. Good effort - well done for you taking him out at weekends, somewhere interesting, somewhere stimulating, somewhere with a history (Ray and I have seen the Bounty too, many years ago).


Sad about the elderly couple and the murder/suicide, shame on the family for not seeing what was going on and doing something before it was too late.


Hope Stroke Awareness month brings some attention to stroke survivors and their carers, there is usually a lunch sometime in the month, never been to one as it is always Wednesday ( Tuesday night your time).


Talk to you on Tuesday night.



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Yes, You and Bruce are doing so well. The outings are very important. They are a little difficult but necessary.


Good Balance. I cannot wait for that.


I love hearing about the outings. IT gives me ideas.



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