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This Week



Let me start with a Thank you to everyone that left me a comment on my last blog, it helped.


This week the engine went on our SUV with only 66,000 miles on it. Well we finally caught a break and it is still under warranty so the dealership is going to put a new engine in the SUV for just $100. :D It's about time we caught a break. Sometimes I feel like if it were not for Bad luck we would not have any luck at all. Now I am dating myself, that a song from Hee Haw. :lol:




Well I am going June 3rd for a TEE and then June 4th for a EP study and possible ablation. Please keep me in your prayers those two days. If the TEE shows there is a clot in my heart they will not do the EP study on the 4th. I wish it was the 3rd already, I hate waiting. The 3rd will only be about 3 hours in the hospital, but the 4th will be at least overnight, and could be up to 2 days in the hospital. :unsure:



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hey Sheryl:


you will be in my thoughts and prayers, please update us about your tests after they are done. I am so happy blogging has helped you too. I know everytime I am upset or happy blogging always helped me. that's why I am blog junkie, I find it very therupetic.





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