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Woke up feeling out of it and groggy. My brain was sluggish and I believe the changing weather fronts played a part. Dreamed a lot last night, which seemed to keep me from sleeping well. Slept about 6 hours.


Eventually I felt a bit better, lasting several hours and then it was back to feeling tired and disconnected. My ears were ringing for about an hour. Started feeling the "divide" which is where I am tired and my two sides don't seem to communicate well. As time goes on throughout the day, my eyesight declines and it becomes more difficult to focus.


Later that night I started to feel nervous and fatigued. Walking makes me tired, sitting makes me nervous. Activity can weaken me, even if it is only talking about interesting things. Watching troubling things on TV or discussing things that frighten me such as another stroke or plans for my death make me feel extremely anxious and upset.


I would consider this an overall good day. Had a bit of a headache late in the day which is better than the headache I had for the first 2 weeks out of the hospital.


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