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Not as planned



Well the EP study did not go as planned. I went into a life threatening rhythm and they had to defibrillate me twice, that left me with burns on my chest and back from the pads. I was admitted to the hospital and there I stayed until late Wednesday. :thumbsd:


On Monday they repeated the TEE and found a shadow that could be a Clot in the Heart. I was given a ton of blood thinners. On Tuesday they removed my Pacemaker and replaced it with a ICD (cardioverter-defibrillator). The ICD I got will still allow me to use the e-stim for my hand :thumbsu: ( they spent the weekend talking to the companies to find one that would ).


In 8 weeks I have to go back on have another TEE. If the shadow is gone they will do some testing on the ICD that they could not do on Tuesday. Until that time I have to have my INR checked weekly,but I am Home! :bouncing_off_wall:


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That was waaaay more complicated than you expected Sheryl. Glad you are back home, I hope all the news from now on is good.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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