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I fell



Well I fell yesterday. I was coming up the porch steps and my left leg just buckled so down I went. :oops: I landed first on my left hip and then I twisted to save my left shoulder (I one they just put the ICD in) so I went down on my back and hit my head. I called the Doctor and She said that is I had any changes in my sight or had nausea, or threw up to go to the ER otherwise I should be OK. I am very sore right now and mad at myself for falling. I knew I was tired so I should have been more careful going up the steps. :(


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Volare: such is our worst nightmare! Thank God you did not break anything. Please keep close watch on yourself for next few days. Tylenol, ice and rest. Next time, and I know this is hard, the ICD can be replaced, the head can not. Be careful. Take care, Debbie

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I am so sorry about your fall, glad you didn't break anything & just bruised your ego. falls can happen to us so quickly that all we can do is just pray that nothing breaks & we still go on.



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