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The lighter sides of stroke! :)



No more depression!!! I am so thankful I am not depressed anymore. I get upset. I get sad. Sometimes I write blogs when I am upset or make topics on the board when I am discouraged but believe it or not I am actually not depressed. I smile a lot and I laugh at the simplest things. I have many simple pleasures like drinking a cup of coffee before work or watching a family movie by myself on a Friday night. Its actually pretty easy to make myself feel happy. But years ago, this was not the case. When I first joined the board, I was depressed. High school was the most depressing 4 years of my life. I found out that I would never be able to drive. Every job I applied for turned me down because of my disability. My dad made too much income for me to get SSI. I had no friends. My self esteem was terribly low because I felt like no guys liked me. I went through so much during that time. but today I can look back and be thankful my entire world changed. Thanks to facebook, I have hundreds of friends lol :D I know so many guys who like me that I learned how to raise my standards and actually be picky over who I date. I finally got my permit. And not only do I get SSI, but I also work every summer thanks to a program for college students with disabilities. Because of my disabilities, I will most likely get a career working with the federal government after graduation. My disabilities motivate me to do my best in school to show people I am more than the girl who limps around campus. Thanks to my status, everyone refers to me as the smart girl instead of the disabled girl. My walking has gotten so much better that people only ask if I hurt myself now. People used to think I got in a car accident. Today, people have actually asked me did I hurt my leg playing sports! :) which is funny because I can;t even play sports lol I have learned to love me for who I am which is a strong, determined, beautiful, smart young lady who has a good head on my shoulders. I am so much more than a survivor. I am a conqueror. I have learned to accept my differences and take pride in them because they make me who I am. If I did not endure struggles each day, I would not be as strong as I am today. It is my innovative creative mind and strong will that makes me proud to be the woman I am today. Thank you stroke for giving me a uniqueness that not many people get the privilege to possess!

I hope everyone enjoyed this entry. You guys always have words of inspiration for me so I just wanted to give back :)


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I love hearing that you are doing so well. Your self esteem is great.

You are a conquerer. What an inspiration your are.



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wow Katrina:


Amazing blog entry made me so happy & proud Aunty of yours. which antidepressant pills you are on. whichever you are on, don't change anything its working. you are strong, smart Katrina who happens to have stroke when she was young but you know how well she conquered her disability and made lemon pie out of her disability. I knew it you will be able to do that. Go katrina you made my day today love you so much.



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I've read your many blogs, which you have written in the past, that you were considering yourself hopeless, helpless and doomed to live life as an old 'wicked witch' of the south. Everyone on here was offering you advice as to help you cope, at a young age, with your stroke.


However, that being said, today I read your updated blog and I was estatic with your attitude about your stroke. You HAVE have taken, and made the first step to recovery -- admitting that you have accepted the stroke and that you can make it on your own, although there will be 'little bumps' along the way.


My stroke will be 12 years ago, on June 26, and I realized that my attitude WAS the only way that I would be able to 'deal' with my stroke.


I realize the struggles you are having with college. Eight months after my stroke,(at age 47) I enrolled in a 16-month culinary program, to learn to become a chef. Yes it was hard, I wanted to quit, but I didn't. I did graduate with a 3.8 GPA.


All this is to say that you can do anything that you put your mind to. YES, there will be challenges along the way, but remember that, in anything you do -- you ARE doing your best.


Keep your positive attitude up, stay focused and do keep us informed of your successes and failures We are interested, or at least I am.




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WOW! That one blew me away and really made me cry. For all the times we preached, nagged, and lectured to try to get you to see the many wondrous things about yourself, and all the pains you suffered through the social trials and difficulties of being a teenager and growing up, it is now clear you have grown to possess great wisdom.


The realization that your journey is for you a true testimony to your strength and one in which you can be proud is somewhat where we say

Katrina grows up. It takes much maturity to takes these experiences and grow from them.


Please remember that we do love you and still want to hear from you with updates on what's going on with you.



Maria :mwah:

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Well, Katrina, you have made everyone proud. You sound so mature and confident. Watch out, world, here she comes!



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