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The Adventures of Being 21!



Life has been wonderful. In the past, on my birthday sometimes I would feel sad that Im a year older and still haven't gotten better. but this summer my birthday was filled with too much fun to feel sad. Ever since I typed my last entry, I have gone out to party with friends, went to the beach with friends, and took a road trip with a friend. I have spent time with family and I even have a new boyfriend. As I already said in my last update, I am so glad I am not depressed anymore. When I went to the club with friends, I did no care about dancing. I just sat at the table and enjoyed my first (and only) drink. When I went to the beach, it did not bother me that all of my girlfriends were splashing around in the water as I sat and could do nothing but watched. I was just happy to be soaking up the sun with my feet in the sand. (just had to watch out for the shells. those things hurt when you step on them!). I had an amazing time walking around downtown and getting icecream. I am thankful for friends who don't mind waiting for me and helping me.

This weekend I also went on a road trip with my friend to see my new boyfriend. He lives about 2 and a half hours away. Those of you familiar with my post about online dating in the young stroke survivor forum, will be happy to know, I found my match :) His name is Phil and he doesnt care about me having a disability like that other loser did. Phil has muscular dystrophy so he uses a power wheelchair and needs assisance for certain tasks. Dating someone else with a disability is one of the best feeings in the world. He helps me and I help him. We both appreciate each other for the strength and perseverance we both exhibit. I don't have to worry about him feeling awkward around me, stopping him from having fun, or having a hard time trying to find something we both can do. We have so much in common and even though we cant/dont do some of the wild adeventurous things most people our age do, we still enjoy each other's company just sitting in the same room together talking.

I only have 3 more weeks left at my job then I will be heading back to school. I want to start walking around the block in my neighborhood after work a few times a week. Last year it was hard adjusting to walking around campus in the heat after spending the summer sitting at desk in my air conditioned office 9 hours a day. I have already began getting muscle cramps in my leg and muscle tightness in my arm from sitting for such long hours. Any tips?

btw, thank you all for all of your comments on my last blog It really meant a lot to me to read all of the cheers and celebration of my good news. On Wednesday I will be joining other local friends with disabilities fat the recreation center for food, speakers, and discussion in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I am looking forward to mingling with other people with disabilities and advocates for people with disabilities to celebrate our differences and the ADA which gives us the freedom to live an independent and abundant life!


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My heart would break for you as you shared your pain growing up trying to fit in with kids still too young to appreciate the strength and determination it took for you to never give up.

It's truly a joy and brings tears to my eyes to see you in the adult world and comfortable and accepting of yourself for the amazing, intelligent, beautiful lady you grew up to be.


Maria :mwah:

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hey Katrina:


I am so happy for you. with perservence like that happiness & phil has to find you:) I am so happy. I wish you ton of abudence in your life.




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My dear, all I can say is "WOW" I'm so happy for you and glad things worked out for you with the on line dating! Members here told you to just be careful and you got Phil, that's a blessing cause now you seem so happy and being "21 to boot." And your first drink too!


Now, at some point in time the two of you will want to embrace and on and on, it's a progression thing two adults encounter every day!


My fatherly advise is "Don't lose your head" and keep in mind where kids come from!! Being a very smart young lady, you know what "you" must do to avoid any mistakes, OK?

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Katrina I am thrilled with your story. I am so happy for you. Phil is very lucky to have found you. I am happy that you now accept your limitations, even more, now that you have found Phil, you can celebrate all the positives in both your lives. Like Maria, your story brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations for being you and finally accepting that life is not having handicaps but what you do with them. I have followed you since you came to StrokeNet. All you have struggled with, now have been resolved to give room for other ups and downs that is life. You , my dear are a success story to be proud of. I wish you all the best. Hugs,



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Katrina! What wonderful news. :Clap-Hands: Phil is a very lucky man. I pray that he is smart enough to realize how blessed he is to have found you. Always keep God in the center of your relationship, everything else will fall into place. (been married 24 years, trust me) You guys have the advantage. My stroke came after 22 yrs of marriage, but my guy stuck by me. Some would have used it as excuse to walk away.Hopefully no unpleasant health events in future. The best is yet to come. Respect each other always, and please keep us posted.

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