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my story at the begining with a TIA



First off let me say that I am very very glad to be here...I hope to gain some support and also perhaps give some support and encouragement where I can. About 3 weeks ago I sustained a TIA which I guess is a mild stroke and not a fully debilitating, though it certainly made some major changes and created one hell of a jolt in my life....I don't mind telling all that it scared the hell out of me and I am still dealing with the impact. I think that such a thing would scare anyone especially as you then have to come face to face with the great monster they call the American medical system..I wasn't prepared to this at all...The people that I work WITH were most understand, the people that I work FOR, well that was a very different story which I will go into at another time. I guess on balance I am very fortunate that if I was going to get hit with something, it was just this TIA. Having talked with my doctor, it is a matter of diet change, some exercise, constancy with my medication as prescribed all of which I am doing, and lose a bit of weight about 10-20 lbs would be a good target for me.


From what I have been reading and from what some people tell me is that this was a warning of what could easily be down the road, and that I need to do the necessary actions to prevent that as best as I can.


I should like to connect with others and how they come to terms with their own TIA or mild stroke, stroke, whatever...thanks


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Mycroft: Welcome aboard. You will indeed find support and advice here. These wonderful people have been an inspiration to me and have brought me back from the brink on more than one occasion. Set some simple goals and stick to them, as time goes on and you find you are achieving those goals, move forward. Good story today at Rehab for you. Young man who stroked several years ago and is a real hard worker. I have seen him work his weak arm for hours. He still has trouble with his fingers and he walks with the standard stroke shuffle. He started aqua therapy last week and Bruce and I went down to the pool today to see him. He loves it and has started kicking with both legs. More important, this weekend with the sports rehab group he rode a specialized bike 6 miles. He is beaming and he should be. Never stop working, it doesn't matter on what. Some stuff will work, some not. Best of luck and will look forward to seeing your posts. Debbie

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hi mycroft:


not to scare you, but make sure you get all the testing done about why your TIA happened. I had suffered TIA first and doctor misdiagnose with other things, and a year later after my pregnancy I suffered full blown stroke which left me paralysed on my left side & changed my life & lifestyle in an instant. I was not overweight, never smoke or drank, only problem was that I had hole in my heart(known as PFO) which allowed clot to escape to brain after my miscarriage. had they found it earlier, & closed it earlier I would not have gone through hell. though life does have its way of finding new balance & new normal.



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