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Realizing our gifts



This has not been a good night. Our wonderful Lisa has lost her Ralph. I had started a blog last night, but my darling Kira was kind enough to erase it for me and I was too tired to start again. Tonight it all sounds like just bad whining. Been a month of transition, but a lot of positives. Back in pool. You can tell Bruce had the month off, but while his workout is shorter, he still likes to go and probably is his best therapy. PT started him on the stationary bike, 3 cycles of 10-very painful, but he does it. Still nothing on the arm-hand. Went to a clinic on the Baclofen pump which we will be looking into. Something has to be done about the thigh: Botox and Zanaflex not helping. His best friend was hospitalized this week for a cardiac problem: too much heat, exhaustion, dehydration and a virus. He's a runner and apparently overdid it with this heat and humidity. I realized how difficult it is for Bruce. While I explained everything to him, he could not find the right questions to satisfy himself. Friend was discharged to home on Friday and Bruce made him brownies today and we took them over. The only way to really comfort Bruce was to see his friend in person. My prayers and sympathies to Lisa and her family.

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I do believe that water is the best therapy. I hope that Bruce improves. I know that with time...improvement will come.

I am so sad about Ralphie and Lisa. Death is such a shock.

See you Tuesday.


We had water today. Sunday. It was a good day.

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