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Heat and bad memories



The Heat we have had this year brings back bad memories for me.


It takes me back to the summer of 1988. We had heat like this that year too, but it was the end of July into Aug that year. I loss my Grandpa because of the heat that Aug.


His AC went out in the morning of Aug 5th and he sat in his trailer with just a fan all day. When my Dad and I took over his supper as we did every night we found out about the AC. My dad put him in the car, not hearing his demands that we just leave him that he would be fine it would be cooler tomorrow.


Unfortunately the heat had done it's damage already. That night just after midnight in our living room he had a heart attack and died. My Dad started CPR right away (he was an EMT) but it did not help.


He had told us after we had gotten him to our house that night that he did not call us about the AC because he did not want to bother us, he knew we were busy! He died because he did not want to bother us!


Make sure you check on you family in this heat, I learned the hard way!


I was married 9 months later and my Grandpa was not there, I still miss him very much.


I lost my Mom 2 months after my Grandpa to Heart problems. So I did not have my Grandpa or my Mom at my wedding in May of 1989.


I know that I could not have saved my Mom, but my Grandpa could have been there if he had not sat in his trailer all day in high 90's without AC.


I learned a hard lesson about how deadly the heat can be!

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thank you for sharing. We are in Texas and heat is a killer. The word needs to get out to be very careful ...we do need to look out for the elderly and others that might have a problem.


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