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Well I am a bit disappointed today as I watch the rain fall. We were suppose to go to the Renaissance Festival (I use my scooter) today (this is the last weekend, but with the rain we cannot go. We got costumes and everything for this year and now we can’t go. We were going with my sister, brother in law, nephew, and two nieces. Everyone has the costumes this year. They are a bit warm, so we waited to go until the weather was not in the high 80’s. But issues the last couple of weekends have prevented us from going until this weekend and now we will not be able to make it at all this year. Last weekend one of my nieces was in the hospital and the weekend before that my sister had church stuff going on, the earlier weekends were just too warm. I waited all year for this and now I have to wait another year, it sucks. I just hope I will be physically able to go next year. I am still having issues with my heart and now they think I have a problem with a neuromuscular disease. Possibly CMT, as there is a family history. Life is just one disappoint after another these days. I can’t help but feel down.


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If it's not real cold, go anyway, get out the rain coats, umbrellas and tennis shoes so you don't slip and fall. Have fun anyway, a little water from heaven is OK. If the event wasn't cancelled, then by all means go.


They are playing the Ryder Cup in Wales in the rain. The US team, Tiger Woods and gang didn't have the right kind of rain coats. Can you believe that? The PGA rushed rain suits to them that works. They had rain and more rain.


Oh, that proves a point, "Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today." See, you should have gone much earlier but it was too hot. Now too much rain and this is it for this year! You are not the only ones disappointed, rest assured there are many others who had the same idea as you and your group.


Maybe you can see bits of it on local TV news! And you can't eat wet popcorn either! Get out your bowling ball and roll it down the hallway at home or go on over to the bowling center and roll a few games! :You-Rock:

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Sorry about that Volare, This year I finally did make it to the Ren-Fest outside of Shakopee,MN Some friends took me so we basically just wandered and talked. This was really the first year since my event I felt strong enough to walk around.


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Yep, missed out on our local Flora Festival because it rained and as Ray is in the wheelchair rain soaked grounds are a problem for me.There is next year to look forward to.


I know you have problems to overcome but keep thinking positive about what you will be doing this time next year, keep envisioning the good times ahead.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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