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I did it



Well I did it, I went on my trip. :Clap-Hands:


I collect Longaberger baskets and my consultant does an annual bus trip of one or two days to Dresden Ohio. Last year’s was cancelled due to a number of things, but this year they did a one day trip to the Homestead. This is the factory and a number of shops owned by Longaberger, as well as the make a basket shop. In the make a basket shop a master weaver helps you weave a basket. You do about 80% of the work and the Master Weaver helps you when you need it.


I took my scooter and the bus driver stored it under the bus in the luggage area. My sister went with me to help me with things. Another old friend went as well, so the three of us stayed together all day. The bus left at 6:30am on Sat morning, it is a 5 hour trip. We took our lunch with us and as soon as we got to the homestead we found a picnic table and ate. We then went shopping at the factory store, when we were done there we got 2 lockers for our packages and then took the shuttle into the town of Dresden.


Dresden has a lot of shops with stuff for your baskets or with a basket theme. We spent an hour and a half shopping in Dresden then we took the shuttle back to the Homestead and did the make a basket. I have done this before and loved it. I was not sure I could do it but everyone told me to try. So I did try and I was able to do most of it. I think I did about 80% of what I had done pre-stroke. The Master Weaver helped me when I had problems. The basket turned out great. After that we got three more lockers so our stuff and continued shopping at the homestead. Then it was time to go back to the bus. We had to carry all our packages in one trip to the bus.


You should have seen us; my scooter had bags hanging on both arm rests, sitting on the floor of the scooter between my feet, in the basket on the front on the scooter and in my lap. Both my sister and girl friend had both their arms loaded too. We were the last ones to the bus and as I was going up the stairs into the bus my left leg went out from under me, but my sister was behind me to stop me from falling (it was 6pm by this time). We then went to the Longaberger hotel for dinner and they had a gift shop, so we all went in and found more stuff the buy. After dinner we got back on the bus and came home (another 5 hour trip).


Going down we played games and had drawings for basket prizes. Coming home we did the same until everyone had won a prize. Then we watched a movie the rest of the way home. My sister and girlfriend both won their baskets on the way down. I didn’t win until the way home. My sister and I both won the same kind of basket. We got back at 12:30am on Sunday. I got to bed at 1:30am on Sunday. I slept most of the day on Sunday and part of the day on Monday.


But I did it and had a great time. I can’t wait until next year.


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Sheryl, you are a champion! To do so much and to triumph at the end - hurray for you!


Ray and I used to go on bus trips, both touring holidays and day trips but he slowed down so much it was no longer possible. Maybe with the help of friends we could have continued. God bless your sister and your friend for helping out.



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I am so happy you tried & gave it shot, in my book of stroke recovery unless you try it how would you know you can still do it. on that principle I have done lot more post stroke. I am so happy for you



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