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Well if it isn’t me having medical problems then it’s my sister having them or both of us.


My Sister had an ICD put in today now we both have one. The doctors said her heart was worse than they thought. They want to do another surgery in Jan, but for now she will go home to recover.


With her sidelined, it means that I will not get to go on any rides to just get out of the house for awhile. She will not be able to drive for about 5 weeks. It also means that my husband will have to take off more work over the next 5 weeks to take me to different appts that I have, my sister has been taking me to most of the stuff so my husband did not have to miss too much work.


Boy I hope her son (age 3) does not inherit our bad genes. The doctors are watching him, he just had a full check up last month and got a clean bill of health. My sister and I didn’t show any problems until we were in our 20’s, she is 38 and I will be 48 next month. In about 28 years my health went downhill very fast I don’t remember what it feels like to be healthy any more.


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Your sister and you are in my prayers. I wish I was near you so we could go for lunch. I wish the best for your sister. Blessed you. Jeanniebean

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hi Sheryl:


your sister and you will be in my thoughts and praryers. have you looked at recross medical transportation, which can get yu to medicall appointments, though they require 1 week notice. though they did help me make more organized lol.



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