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Christmas, chocolate, and stuff



Well the blood clot in my heart is finally gone. On December 7 I had a TEE done and they found that the clot was no longer there, so they were finally able to test my ICD. Everything tested okay with the ICD and I do not have to return to have it checked again until June. I do have a home monitoring system, it monitors my device while I am sleeping and sends information to the device clinic every few days. But the device clinic can program the dates for home monitoring electronically based on what they're seeing. At least now I don't feel like a walking time bomb with the clot in my heart.


For my birthday in November my husband bought me some software that allows me to talk and it types for me. It is called Dragon speak and it works pretty well. Sometimes it does not understand what I'm saying and I have to delete what it typed and repeat what I want it to type, but all in all pretty good piece of software. It makes using the computer much easier and more enjoyable.


This month I started seeing one of the social workers at the hospital and it seems to be helping me deal with my depression issues. My sister is also seeing one of the other social workers and it seems to be helping her deal with the issues she's having because of her health.


The house is all decorated for Christmas, the gifts have been bought and we are in the process of wrapping them now. Last weekend my sister and I worked on making the homemade candy that I normally do every year, but now I need some help so this year she helped me. We did over 25 pounds of chocolate candy some with cream centers, some bark, some suckers and some molded candy. Tomorrow she is going to help me work on a small chocolate candy house that is a lot like a gingerbread house but the house is made out of molded chocolate. We made one last year and it turned out pretty well I'm hoping this year's will turn out as well.

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wow I am amazed you make house with chocolates,my mouth is already watering. I am glad your clot dissolved & things are back to normal. making your own candies sounds amazing you have some kitchen skills.for me blogging,chattin & reading good spiritual books helped me dealing with my depression.



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