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Metrolift is Houston's aid to the handicapped. This is a bus system that will pick William up with an attendent and transpoft him to where he would like to go. I am trying it out today.

I had to call yesterday to reserve the ride for today.


I had to apply. This took about 6 weeks. Then we had to go in for an interview. We passed the interview and had a card mailed to us. This took about 10=14 days.

I went and bought tickets to use the bus after I got the card.


I wanted to test the system today. I called to reserve a ride for Sat. They told me that the account was inactivated. I have to call customer service. I hung up and called customer service. They found the problem, a box had not been checked on their side. The attendant was nice and booked by trip.


I talked to the caregiver agency and she told me that we have to confirm the trip before we go. I called this morning and confirmed the trip. they will pick us up at 10:18Am to arrive downtown for a 1PM appt. I had to make the appt time an hour earlier. We will probably have time to eat lunch before the session. The pick up time was 2:33PM. I had to change that. We get finished at 2:30P I don't think that I can make the pick-up so very quickly. I pushed back the pickup to 3PM. that means 2:45P to 3:15P. This will be along day.


I got William up and showered and almost dressed. He is sleeping in the recliner. I still need to finish the oat meal. Oh, no! It is on the stove. I have a habit of burning food. I get iinvolved with other stuff and then smell it. Luckily mention of breakfast made me remember. I got it off the stove before we had burnt oatmeal. I hate burnt oatmeal.


I shall let you know how the day turns out. WE are expecting rain this afternoon.





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You go Girl,


You are on the ball and William is so blessed to have you as his mate! The outing will be an experience for both of you that I hope can be enjoyed. Sometimes, things don't go as planned but I hope this time is a charm!


I'll be looking for the results of the whole trip. God Bless!

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Ruth: with our Greater New Haven Transit the only problem we have, like you, is in the scheduling. They won't wait too long if you are not ready at your pick up time. Our drivers are great and we also have a town transit that has a regular route daily: town pool, shopping, movies, library. I have considered putting Bruce on it just for the circuit and then bring him back here. It would give me an hour or two off here at home (LOL). My fear is Bruce will decide to get off at some point and run away. Let us know how it worked out. Debbie

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