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Salt Water



We went to the beach today. Our friend Carl, who comes every Friday night for a visit, wanted to take us out for lunch. I asked my best friend, Chris to join us. Talk about a small world, Chris met Carl at the hospital (Chris is Bruce's Medical Advocate) and come to find out, Carl is one of her customers. Chris and I grew up on the beach in our home town. We traveled extensively together over the past 45 years, but always with a water feature involved. She sent me to my first Poker school in Gulfport, Mississippi. Water temperature here has been slow in rising, but it was tolerable today. If I had thought about it longer, with two people who can handle Bruce well, I could have gone for a swim. Will consider that for the future. But tonight I think about those things that have been lost and can not be regained. And I know Chris is missing them as much as I am. Our goal was Brazil for our 60th birthdays. I look at what I strived for in my life and what I have been given. And I miss my me, but I am all Bruce has and I know he is in twice the despair I am. That wonderful brain and intelligence and overcoming a terrible childhood. His Aunt said he was a self-made man, and what he must think now. And so, I feel sorry for both of us,wonder what the future will bring and just want a dip in saltwater, alone with all of the freedom water offers.


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Shared loss, shared pain.


Shared tears.


That is love.


You ask what the future will bring?


More love:


Shared hope. Shared smiles.


Shared precious, honest, beautiful moments...



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Life changes. Yes, next time take the plunge into the water. I leave William at home and go to the pool for my swim. I did that on Sunday. it was so nice.


You have some wonderful friends.


Stroke is hard to live with. The changes that it puts on both of you. I can hardly believe it myself. Traveling is out of the question for now. Perhaps later i will want to go again.



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