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Shiner Texas YMCA trip



We have an outing tomorrow. Shiner Texas with the YMCA. This is where they make Shiner beer. Not being a beer drinker, I know very little about the city. But, This is one of my methods of. getting William out and about. He loves to be out and going. It is just difficult for me. I need to transfer him alot on trips. Finding bathrooms is not alot of fun. We have a long line of people to wait through to get to use the restroom. A busful of people. The day is long. 7A to 5:30P. William always complains that his balls are hurting him by the end of the trip. I had never thought about it before. But, guys can sit on their balls when sitting down. I can just imagine that that can be painful. I have told william to remind me and maybe I can try to adjust his privates so that they are not being squished under him. Once the bus starts it is too hard to get up and move around. Lets hope that I remember that for tomorrow. i will try to bring the roho cushion for him to sit on. I just hope that he is able to control his bowels. He usually does not have a problem. But, I am always concerned. I bring an an extra change of clothes.

This Friday I have my own doctor's appointment. I had to switch work days because of the thursday outing.

I start PT again on Tuesday for William. Pest control on Monday. Cardiologist on Thursday, Another trip on Friday. All day to Austin the Bob Bullock musuem.

next week PT on Tues and thurs. mixed in with the water that i do with william. I set up an audiologist appointment. William had hearing aids before his stroke and cannot remember how to use them. He will be re-evaluated.

Women who do too much. I was thinking about that. I fit into that category. I was up at 6PM and took William to the pool. I had him in the water for an hour then had a shower and shave and a cup of coffee. I paid for the trip at the YMCA and then we came home. I got William's meds together and made mysielf a tuna sandwich. I had to water the yard and make 4 phone calls for appointments.

This is my downtime. I need to get ready for work. We have a new computer system at work and it is driving us crazy. Just another adjustment. William was complaining about my job. I had to attend a meeting after work yesterday and therefore got home late. I had to stop by work on my way home from the meeting to set things up for today. This just frustrated William. He was hungry and wanted me at home. It is hard to divide yourself up. Everybody is asking for my time and services.


I get the day off tomorrow and it will be a nice trip. I told William to get alot of rest today so that he can be up all day tomorrow for the trip.



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I don't know how you do what you do. Just reading this made me exhausted. I thought we had a busy schedule. You will have a great time tomorrow. Just a suggestion, try the Texas catheter for the bus ride, removes the responsibility of one body fluid anyway. Bring a urinal. You can often find a semi=private place to use it and you will have it to empty the leg bag if needed. Funny story, well at least it is now. We were in a changing room for the pool this week. Normally we use the bathroom, then the toilet is right there. No toilet, no pool. The grab bars are in a different place and when Bruce talks when he is changing, it means urine right now. I turned to get the urinal, and he lowers himself to the floor. Caught most of the urine, but he went on the clothes we just took off. After the pool I put him in the clothes change that we all bring with us, he has to go again, again too late. He went home in a johnny coat. Best laid plans. I now pack TWO changes of clothing. Have a blast. The brewing process is amazing, right up your alley - chemistry - hope you get to see it. Debbie

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All I can say is you are a busy wife...Whew, I thought I was active? It's good for William though to be getting out and seeing the world. Sitting in the house is a no-no. Get out, go to the supermarket, Mall, or anywhere it's cool inside. I go to those places and Sam's too. I eat and drink free cause they got vendors giving out stuff all the time.


Happy traveling, I got VA appointments all this month, one every week!!

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