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beer and more beer at Shiner Texas



William managed the trip well. He was up at 6AM and we go to the YMCA at 6:30. The bus left exactly at 7AM. It is a 2-1/2 hour trip to our destination. I used the roho cushion on the bus seat. This worked!! No sore balls. At least , not unbearably sore. First stop was a rest stop for a bathroom break. Next stop Shiner Texas and the Opera house. This houses alot of Beer memorbelia and they have dinner shows also. It is a beautiful old building. We learned the history of the opera house. Next stop is a painted church. Absolutely the most gorgeous. Finally, lunch. We are starved. it is a buffet. I settle William at a table and then cut into line. I try to serve William and then go back and get something for myself. William is not very patient when he is so hungry. we get to wander the town for 45 minutes. Lots of antique stores and a couple of quilt shops. I seek out the quilt shop. I found some pieces that I just could not live without. I still need to run to the fabric shop and buy some material to go with the panels that I purchased. William can hardly contain himself. When does he get some beer. We are finally on our way to the brewery. We have 30 minutes to wait. So into the gift shop we go. This is where the sample beer is. I get William some samples. He doesn't really care for the first one that i got. it was from a black spigot. He asks me get the blonde one. This one he likes.

Now we are on our way home. We stop at McDonalds for a bathroom break. Wm and I share an icre cream cone. We reach Houston around 6P. It was along day. William hardly slept at all. We get home and I tell him that he needs to take a shower. It will relax him. He is not pleased but complies with my wishes. He watches a little TV and then decides to go to sleep.

Friday, he ran around with me. He did not want to wake up and go the pool. I went by myself. When I came back, I gave him the option of going to the doctor with me. I just needed a visit to get refills on my Enbrel. William wanted to come. I told him that we could eat at his favorite restaurant on the way home. The Japanese steak house. They cook the food and make a production of cooking the food. William likes the food and the show.

He loved the lunch and gets to the spend the rest of the recuperating from his trip on Thurs.

Saturday I woke him up at 6:30A to go the pool. He did it. We walked for 40 min. William came home exhausted. He is still sleeping. When he wakes up I will give him brunch.

He is looking forward to our trip this Friday to Austin. I told him that we need to search the web about the bOB bULLOK musuem.



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I have been waiting to hear of your trip all week. You had a terrific time. What a great adventure. I am so glad everything worked out and poor William's balls survived-lol. Debbie

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Ruth, what a fantastic trip, Ray and I did bus trips for a while, 2002 - 2006, had some real adventures.


William is doing so well. He really responds well to the special treats you give him which is good as you can use them as incentives. I am sure there is a lot to see in Texas and you will enjoy your trips together. Take photos to build on the memories.



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