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Austin Tx,..Bob Bullock and LBJ museums



Another travel day for us. We head our eary for Austin. this is a 2-1/2 hour trip. Au'sg. 13. 2010. I tried blogging earler but accidently erased everything. We stopped half way to Austin. A nice little place that had pastries and kolaches. I bought Wm and myself a Kolache and we shared a chocolate milk. Just what we needed at that time of day. I had remembered to bring Wm's meds with me so that he could On the way. I just did it again. I hit a key and erased all that I had writeen.

WE make it to the Bob Bullock museum. This is a Texas history museum. We have a whirlwind tour. We need to come back. There are lots of little videos that we did not get to see.

We stop at Ryan's for lunch. I did not sit with the group in the room set aside for us. Those rooms are usually very wheelchair friendly.

On to the LBJ. This is the only free presidential library. Another whirlwind tour. We need to make it back to Austin. I think that is seems like whirlwind because I need to go a slower pace with the wheelchair and cannot just zip thru by myself.

We are on the way home. The ac on the bus is acting up and we are sweating. We finally stop at the same place and rest for 30 min. The busdriver is hoping that the ac system will thaw out. It is working a little better on the way home. But, we are so glad to be home. William's bottom is getting sore from constant sitting.

I convince William that we can walk in the pool when we reach the YMCA. I change him and get him to the pool. Bad news the pool closes in 3 minutes!!! i did not know that. So, I take William home and give hime a shower. he is exhausted!

He loves the day trips. I told him that we are not going to sign up for the Woodville trip. We have spent too many weekends in Woodville at Squaredancing weekends.

William did sign us for the Galveston trip in Sept. I couldn't do that because I had a meeting. William and his caretaker went and signed up. William really wanted to go. I know because other he would have given me the excuse that he couldn't do it.

We had good news at the cardiologist. Wm's ejection fraction has improved from 28% to 50%. 55% is normal. This means that the heart is pumping stronger. This is due to the coreg. Wm takes 25mg twice a day. I am amazed that his heart had improved so much.

We started Physical therapy again. The Pt is using the lite gait, e-stem, and the lema strap on William. She wants me to really work with William to increase the strength of his left leg.

William is actually able to move his own left leg and walk with assistance. We are making progress it is just slow.

The lema strap is interesting it help the hip joint move and helps the knee to extend. I do suggest that you check it out on the web.

The rehab doc also ordered a dynasplit for Wm's left hand. This is a dynamic splint that helps to open up the hand. I am supposed to use it for an hour day and increase by an hour a day until we get to 6-7 hours a day.

This morning , Sat. We made it to the YMCA and did an hours worth of work in the pool. I put the weight on William's left leg to make him work a little harder. At the end of an hour, he sat at the edge and kept kicking his legs while I swam. Since, he was doing such a good job,,,,I just took the time and swam and swam.

I told him that i had to gas the car up on the way home. I stopped at subway and tried the breakfast sandwich. I had the egg white sandwich. You can add any of the veggies to it. I added greenpepper, onions and tomatoes. They were good. I told William that we have to try things out. These are new and they are all over TV. Now, we now that they are decent.

William had his meds and breakfast and couldn't wait for bed. he is snoozing as i type.


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