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lema strap and dynasplint



William is back in physical therapy. The therapist is using the lema strap on this left leg. It is helping with the dorsiflexion, knee extension, hip hiking and external rotation. it seems to give him alot more control of where his left foot lands. The therapist is using the lite gait to give him the security that he will not fall down. He is asked to stand on a step with his right leg. this puts more pressure on the weak left leg. She is also using e-stem on the thigh muscle. this is in conjunction with moving the leg. eg. Wm is supposed to lift the leg from the floor to the bed (mat).

he also got fitted for a dynasplint on Friday. This is a dynamic splint that is designed to stretch his hand. he is very tired today. I have put it on him while he is sleeping. It does not seem to bother him and holds his hand in a nice stretch. The nice thing about this splint is that when tone kicks in from yawning or stretching the splint will react to the tone and then later have a spring that pushes the hand out again.

It is amazing that physical therapy keeps coming up with new ideas as William progresses.

William does not know it yet. But, I will be waking him up to go to work with me. I seem to be having issues at work. I just hope that he is patient while I get a little work done.


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Ruth: it is very exciting that therapy is still finding new and unique solutions to William's individual issues. They and you are to be commended. The fact that you all are willing to try all the tricks available and are knowledgeable enough to find them is inspriational to all of us. I hope the work issues resolve themselves quickly. You certainly do not need that kind of pressure on you right now. Best of luck and let us know. Debbie

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