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Real arm improvement



I am so excited that I just had to tell about it. A month ago I got an e-stim or tens unit from the VA. I have been using it faithfully nearly every day. The results have been amazing. I am now doing things with my left arm I have not done since my stroke. I can now reach up over my head and actually lift small items with the left hand. I was recently told that I would have inflammation in the left shoulder the rest of my life. It is nearly gone now, and I am starting to remember how I used to do things pre-stroke. I had not realized how much I had started to ignore the left side. As I use it more, more is coming back everyday. Thanks VA!! I was never offered this machine thru normal channels, so you may have to make some noise to get one, but it might just be worth it. I am nearly four years post stroke now, the technician that trained me on the units use said they have had results no matter how long ago the stroke was. Never give up!!


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Wow George, what a great thing to happen. It is true that things do change sometimes many years post stroke. I am sure you are going to benefit from that extra range of motion in all sorts of situations.


(((Hugs))) to Lesley too.



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Thanks for sharing the wonders of this technology. I share the wonder of the technology that I use - the VNS Therapy. VNS stands for vagus nerve stimulation. It is used for some forms of epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression. I have chronic treatment-resistant depression. While it's not a cure or 100%, it made a huge difference in my life.


It's a pacemaker-like device. The VNS pulse generator is implanted in the chest and its lead wires are attached to the vagus nerve in the neck. The vagus nerve runs from the neck into the brain. The pulse generator sends tiny electrical pulses into the brain via the vagus nerve. It is barely perceptible.


I am so grateful to have this technology, which really helps me with my chronic illness.

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George ,

I am so happy to hear that you are getting results. Could you please tell me where you place the pads?

I have one for William and use it occasionally. Wm does not like it.


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