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This weekend is my fortieth high school reunion. Dinner tomorrow night but with the added cost of a caregiver was out of the question for me. It is also the weekend for a very large Oyster Festival in my home town and a lot of my fellow classmates need to work and therefore also would not be able to go. A fellow classmate suggested we meet tonight for a happy hour. The restaurant she chose had 1/2 price drinks and 1/2 price appetizers. Most people coming in from out of state would arrive tonight and bless her, she sent out Emails to everyone she knew asking them to pass it on. I asked Bruce's college roommate if he could stay with Bruce for a few hours and he was more than happy to. They ordered Pizza and just caught up. Bob has no trouble positioning and attending to bathroom needs, so this was perfect. Just got back an hour or so ago. What a good time. I had a shower, makeup, nice clothes and yes, fellow caregivers, even got to wear sandals-looked quite good if I don't say so myself! One of my dearest friends from Kindergarten has just conquered Lung Ca=woman never smoked=and is about to be the grandmother of twins. Just before Bruce stroked, I had announced to my group of 7 that Bruce and I were going to be married. One week later Moe got her diagnosis. Needless to say, our communication has been reduced to Emails when either one of us has time. My best friend has been wonderful in keeping all of us connected but Moe and I had some time to catch up. She looks great and says she is ready to go back to work. While I feel bad about not being able to go tomorrow night, everyone will take pictures and post the info from the program and in a month or so my group will be having dinner and then I will get all the dirt-lol! Tomorrow is another day in stroke recovery and I need to wash this paint off my face and hit the hay. But just wanted to share a terrific time. Debbie


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I am thrilled that you had such a good time. An Oyster festival sounds like fun. I am so proud that you took some time out and got dressed up and everything.



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you are so creative. I am glad you got to get together with your friends before reunion & caught up with everyone. it feels good to get out of routine & do somehing different sometimes, and spending that time with friends and family is defintely lot of fun. don't forget to share the gossip with us lol



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Dear Debbie,

What a great memory to have. Bruce is lucky to have a friend available to keep him company and not immuned to attend to his needs, so you can get a few hours out of the pressure cooker. Now, I'm not interested in any gossip, well maybe a little, my wife taught me how to be interested in that stuff. Nice read, thank you, Mike

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Guest aboukas


I am so happy that you had a nice time. Sometimes a night out with good friends does us a world of good. You needed to put some war paint on, get into those sandals and be Debbie for a while.....feels good, doesn't it? Don't forget who that girl is.

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