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The Infamous Colonoscopy



First of all, for those of you who said you could not imagine doing this with your survivor, you were right! Most of you know Bruce's limitations from my past blogs and posts. Back last year, Burce had a full body scan because they could not figure out why he was running a fever and could not transfer him to Rehab until he was fever free. All body scans will come up positive for something which is why Doctors hesitate to order them. Bruce's showed a tumor on his pancreas. At his 1 1/2 year check up with his PCP, stupid me says "is it time to have this looked at?" PCP says yes and at the same time schedule a colonoscopy. Bruce's scope 10 years ago was fair, he missed his five year (one wonders why-lol?) And so, without much forethought, I do all this. Ultrasound of pancreas is negative, but there is a tumor on his kidney, probably benign, but waiting to hear from PCP on that issue; so off to the colonoscopy. Fortunately I addressed it here beforehand and got some terrific advice which, trust me, I could not have gotten through this without. Prep day, Tuesday: clear liquid diet all day (no reds, oranges or purples). We went swimming, did exercises, E stim, out on deck for newspaper. 3 pm we start. Two Dulcolax and the 64 oz of Gatorade with Miralax. Leo came at 4 pm. Did liquid dinner and started the bathroom trips. I showered and napped. 6 pm Leo leaves, Gatorade is ingested, two trips to bathroom. Mind you Bruce will not use bedpan or bedside commode. Bruce is up, assistance out of bed to toilet and back to bed twice, then up at 3 am because he can have a coffee as long as it is before 4 am. Total bed change, two trips to bathroom and then we are off. Bruce is admitted, sedated. I go to get an OJ -off floor ten minutes and they are paging me. OK so he's dead=NO, he didn't clear. Doctor says I can fit you in tomorrow morning first thing, continue the clear liquids today and add Citrate of Magnesium today, and Oh yes, if he is not clear by 9 pm, get some more Cit of Mag and give him another 5 oz. OK, so I can run out to the store any time I want, so I pick up extra of Cit of Mag on my stop and take us home. Bruce is still coming out of sedation, so sleeps for about an hour and again at 3 pm for an hour. At least eight trips to bathroom He fell asleep at 7 pm, I laid down at 9 knowing what was coming. He woke up at 11:30 pm, trip to bathroom and night meds. I almost dropped him at Midnight helping him back to bed. Up at 3 am. Total bed change, trip to bathroom and he thinks he can have his cup of coffee again, except this morning his procedure was an hour earlier, so no coffee. Again all laundry in washer and final trip to toilet and yes, he's clear! Hurray! Back home 10 am. Great results by the way and Doctor says he doesn't have to come back for five years-yeah, that'll happen. Best is Doctor gives me the prep for five years ahead, because he is sure he'll forget and I will certainly remember. Bruce slept most of day, and bless him, he was great these past few days, no complaints, no whining, did all he needed to do. But that look of distress and pain, the questioning. OK so one check on the checklist of health care maintenance. And for all of you who said "I can't imagine" well now you know.


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Boy you deserve a medal for all of that. Ray had his in hospital so I was spared the preparation. His was clear too. They were looking for a source of blood loss but never found it.


The endoscopy I wouldn't advise because with Ray's it did something to his swallowing and his was on thickened fluids for eight months after it.


Glad to see you back on here, I was worried about your non-appearance. Silly me!



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Dear Debbie, What a show of courage and strength. I hope you're using the advice that you gave me, (to sleep when they sleep). Wishing you rest, relaxation and better health for Bruce, Mike

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what a timely blog for me. My hubby is scheduled for his first colonoscopy in couple of weeks luckily he is not a survivor but I am going to get in trouble for forcing him to get it done.



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I cringe knowing that I will be going through this in the future.... Wow, Bruce is being such a trooper going through the prep. What you did was a lot to deal with, but you sailed through - well, it looked like you did. :) I think that knowing what to expect really makes a big difference in the experience.

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