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I lost it today....no patience



I let William sleep in this morning. I got him up about 8AM. I told him that we needed to get moving. I wanted to get the pool done. He was amenable to that. We get to the YMCA and he wants to try to go to the bathroom. OK. Nothing happens. Now, I get him into the water. It is nice and warm today.' 5 minutes into our workout. William starts in. He wants to leave!!! This just rubs me the wrong way. It takes me an hour to get him ready and into the water. I cannot do only 5 minutes. Now, he starts nagging me about leaving. I am so frustrated. The pool is empty, hardly anybody there. I coerce him into walking and doing more. But, I am called a fanatic and he wants to leave. After 30 minutes of this, I say. he can go.

I am so frustrated and mad. I give him a shower. 30 minutes. He wants a cup of coffee after the shower. I say no. We are going home. You wanted to leave quickly. Quickly we are leaving. I tell him that he will now get to spend the rest of the day in bed. I am not going to break by back and take him out and about. I had planned a movie and outing today. But, no longer. There are consequences to his not working with me regarding therapy.

Luckily, our friend will be coming to take him out to lunch. I need a break from William.

he is in bed. I had to have a talk with him, He needs to understand that he needs to work at therapy. He needs to concentrate during therapy. There is a brain and muscle connection. His fussing during therapy means that he is not concentrating. I am fanatical with therapy. But, i get tired of it somedays.

Today is one of those days.



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Well, we all have good days and bad. I understand and William does too by now. Tomorrow is another day! :happydance:

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Ruth I had Ray in water therapy after the 2005 stroke. We did it for about 15 months then one day he was done with it. I tried from time to time to talk him into going but he never wanted to.


I think with him he suddenly realised that with all the effort in the world he was not getting any better. What he didn't realise was that you go backwards when you stop, in general fitness at least.


See if you can find a way of making it easier on yourself, like every second day and only have special treats after a successful therapy session.



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Ruth: I had a day like you today but it was caused by the cosmos. Only had to turn Bruce once during the night and he didn't get up until 4 am. We've had the monsoon weather here-will finally end sometime tonight, so knew we would not be able to do the pool before therapy. Also with the needle punctures in his spine, figured one more day without exposing him to other people's bacteria was a wise move. I slept until 7 am-a real treat. Woke up to Kira seizing again, forgot Bruce's travel bag and of course he had an accident, left part of his AFO at home, phones went dead. I had let Bruce slide yesterday-his trial was horrid on Wednesday, but today it was back to schedule. Like you, you want to go out you work for it. I am thinking about a break myself-maybe in next few weeks, just a day will do it. My biggest gripe is why do I always have to be the adult? We do the same things EVERY day, all the responsibilities and tasks are the same, here everything is written down as well, but I still have to say things like "no slacking off tonight. Teeth, bathroom and hand splint before bed." You are so much better at this than I am, so on-task. Nothing comes before William's recovery and yet you also work in such a high stress field. Tomorrow will be better. Take a break and think about some time off. You mentioned caregivers for William, well if you have to have them in anyway, try to fit in some Ruth time. Hugs, Debbie

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