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Kemah boardwalk in Texas



Today we get to go on a little trip to Kemah. Let's see if William is going to behave. We are going with the YMCA on a county bus. This is such a nice service. It is wheelchair accessable. William & I are the only ones that go with a wheelchair. We leave at 1:30P and get back at 10P. This will be a late day excursion. I am letting William sleep in this morning and I have cancelled our pool outing. I do not need a cranky tired William on my hands in Kemah.


I have insisted that he let me give him a shower before we leave today. He has agreed but, reluctantly.


He is always scaring me with the "I think that I have to go to the bathroom message". I gave him some miralax yesterday and he has all ready had his daily bowl movement. Now, I don't have to worry about that today. The things that we need to prepare for!


We get to see a haunted house. I do not know that it will be wheelchair accessable. But, that is on the agenda. We shall see and I shall let you know. Joe's crabshack is on the agenda for dinner. I am planning on getting a large platter and sharing it with William.


I have started taking William to the pool at 8AM. This means that we are working out in the water from 9 to 10A. This is such a perfect time. The pool is empty. We don't have to get up at 5AM in the morning. Somehow my circadian rythmn changes in the fall. I get up later. This is nice. It is cool in the mornings and it is nice to sleep in a little.


I have 4 days off this weekend. Yesterday, Thursday, we went and had a picnic at the park after the pool. Fall days are too beautiful! We need to be out enjoying the weather.


At first I was going to get us subways. Then i decided to stop at the grocery store and check out their deli. William spotted his favorite Antoine sandwich. I let him get that. I bought some chicken, chips, Limeade, cookies, bananas, and William insisted on Hershey's bars. I got the little halloween Hershey bars. The one thing that William knows about me is that change is the name of the game. Subways were expected and then something else happened.


I told William that I loved potatoe chips and banana's. He told me that his weird combination was chocolate and bananas. I had bought the little mini banana's.


I took William to the library after the park. He had to walk a bit from the park bench to the car. He was too exhausted to come into the library. I took him home and put him to bed. He slept until 4P.


I have gotten my camera charged up and ready for our trip. I know that this will be fun. I just need to bring a sweatshirt for both of us. It gets cold in the bus and may get chilly tonight.


I can hear William snoring. I am trying to download Epocrates ( a pharmacy website). It is excellent. I want it on my palm. But, I have forgotten how to do that. I have not used my palm in awhile.


I did enjoy Mikes funny story. I agree. we do need to have those stories. At the minute I canot think of one to share. I am thinking that I have a load of laundry in the dryer and I would like to go to the pool for myself. But, I am not sure that I will have time. i need to work on the computer.


But, I do have all weekend. What a treat. I have this wonderful fall weather. Nothing could be better!! I am blessed.


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Ruth, You are certainly a brave woman to tackle this day long bus trip with William. I haven't tried one with Gary as they have to make special arrangements to get a wheelchair accessible bus for us, which means less seating for the group as a whole. I know the bus trips from the senior center here fill up fast so most require registration at least a couple months in advance. I don't usually plan that far ahead with Gary. I hope the trip works out fine for you and you have a great time!!



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