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a Long Long day at Kemah boardwalk



The day was too long. But, we survived. It was more a shopping trip. There is not that much that you can do in a wheelchair for 10 hours.


The day was beautiful. It was wonderful to spend the day outside. We do not usually spend much time outside. We were out or doors for hours. WE sat and watched the boats come in and out. This brought back fond memories for William he used to boat in his younger years.


We got tickts to ride amusement stuff. But, the only one that I could manage with William was the train ride. They acutally had one a wheelchair accessable cart. The boys had to manuever William up their ramp. I tried but it was too steep for me. William was scared but he tried. We got him into the cart and he was on the train directly behind the engineer. He actually ended up enjoying the ride.


We went and fed the stingrays at the aquarium. That was fun. William stood by the side of the pool and fed the sting rays. I tried to have him remember when we fed the sting rays at one of the islands. But, he couldn't remember.


He finally got tired of me pushing him ove the bumpy bricks. I was getting tired too. We were supposed to to meet for dinner at 5:30P. William was thirsty and I noticed that the drinks at the kiosks were as much as going into the restaurant. So, i took William in and had a big beer and I ordered an order of crab nachos. There were delicious and large. Well, we were not hungry for dinner. William wanted a piece of Key Lime pie to top off our appetizer. We definitely did not need any more to eat.


We sat and watched the boats and watched the kids ride the scary rides. We ended up giving our tickets away. I am not an amusement ride person.


We spend some time listening to music and we tried the haunted house.


It was so dark! I asked if it was wheelchair accessable and they said yes. I could barely make it to the initial entrance. The girl had to keep telling me where to turn. Then she tells me to follow the carpet. I can't even see the floor. We turn around because she says that it will be difficult for us. I can barely make it out. The rest of our group told me that they had a hard time and I would probably still be in there trying to get out.


In the evening it was pretty because all of the lights got turned on and then it got chilly. I was smart and brought William's sweatshirt. I just didn't have mine. It wasn't bad.


It is 8PM and I cannot figure out what else to do. We have 2 more hours. We watch jugglers and the crowd. William wants to sleep. But, I told him that might be difficult.


Finally the bus comes. We get on and I fall asleep. I had a hard day. William does not even sleep. I usually stay up.


I did love the day. Today is Saturday and we have all ready had our day at the pool. We need to relax today. and get ready for church on Sunday.


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Wow, Ruth, we went on a trip to a historical house a few years ago that was a similar marathon, nowhere really wheelchair accessible, even the bathrooms had steps! But like you we enjoyed the day out.


I am glad you are finding ways to keep yourself and William busy attempting new things. Like you I am sad when I recall some memories from the past and Ray does not remember them. Now I am memory custodian for us both.


Finding something suitable to eat is a problem for me with Ray too. Crab nachos and key lime pie sounds like a wonderful idea. Ordering something you don't have everyday is what makes a meal out special.


Good for you!



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Ruth: I am exhausted just reading this. What a terrific day and good for you guys. We have been doing our local orchards here. Our fall is just gorgeous and the apple and pear varieties are great. Also this seems to be a good year for the Connecticut Wine industry. So I spent some time today assembling and disassembling Bruce's new scooter and after getting it back together figured I'd better test drive it. Went to visit all the neighbors and when I came back in Bruce says "No, you are not borrowing it for Halloween"-lol. Have a good week and talk to you soon. Debbie

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