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December the 1st



Today is the first day of December. this brings such memories. William had his stroke on Dec. 13, 2008. It has been along journey. But, it is simply amazing how far he has come.


I was just reading that you can expect the most progress in the first months. I have found that with William he did not have the most progress in the first 3 months. He actually had more progress after he came home. He was in the SNIF unit for 2 months and came home in a wheelchair. Now, I do not use the wheelchair in the house. I use it when we go out.


I started the pool in May of 2009. 5 months after his stroke. He had to use the chair lift to get into the pool. Today he can walk down the ramp into the water. I assist his leg sometimes. But, often he moves his own leg. I am moderate assist.


We started in the pool and he could only stand at the edge and I would move his leg. today, he can walk the pool without any device. I do help move his leg when he gets tired. Today we make 50 crossings of the pool. It takes us about an hour. He really gets a workout.


It is amazing!!! He does not get as exhausted. He still does get tired but we are working on stamina.


William play Majhjong on the computer. We started with one called Nanjing. This is a matching game. He does it so much better today.


I have taught him 2 other variations of Mahjong. He is able to try and play and get a better score each time. When William 1st came home. he could not play the simplest of games.


I have him playing pyramid solitaire. you have to match totals of 13. He is doing well and can recognize 8+5, 9+4, 10+3, etc. He is getting better, He does not want me to help him. I need to play my own games.


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hey Ruth:


first few years are the hardest until you accept newyou & move on. I am glad you both can see so much positive improvement in both of your life. Every year things become better and better.



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Ruth: you and William have been such wonderful examples of stroke recovery and your willingness to share your experiences with all of us make you both such terrific mentors. Happy Anniversary and here's to another strong and healthy year. Debbie

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Ruth & William, Happy Anniversary to the both of you for both of you have gone threw the ups and downs. William has worked very hard at his progress. You have worked very hard at keeping his spirits up.

I believe that the very first few months a stroked person doesn't or unable to recognize what he or her really needs. That's where a good caregiver comes in the picture to further the progress. Especially if they ended up with aphasia like my Carl has.

You have been a great caregiver, cheering all his wins even the small ones. Jeannie

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Ruth congratulations to you and William. Larry's 1st year will be coming up in February of next year. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. You are a good caregiver and William is lucky to have you. I am working on Larry's recovery at home and he has signed himself up at the Y again. We will go this week to get oriented with what he can do there. Thanks for all your posts as it keeps me hopeful.


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