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Another UTI?



Well great...... Mom is again showing signs of another UTI. She's getting very moody and confused again. Started yesterday when she was watching tv. Something came up about a plane crash and the next thing I know mom is freaking out and saying her husband was involved in a plane crash and may be dead. Scarred the hell out of cause her getting upset caused her blood pressure to go sky high for about 30 minutes. Just so you know, mom doesn't have a husband. She has been divorced for about 20 years now and never remarried.


She gets just like that every time she gets a UTI, so I am pretty sure that's what is going on. I spoke to her doctor about it and she agrees so the nurse should be here in morning to take a UA. I know it's not a stroke cause the confusion eventually goes away and she is fine again. Her doctor says the confusion would get worse if it was another stroke.


I think she is getting the UTIs in the first place because they are not putting her on strong enough antibiotics for a long enough time. The last UTI they put her on Levaquin for just five days. She starts to feel better about the fourth day she is on it. It lasts for about 5 days, then she starts not feeling good again. Maybe I'm not giving her enough cranberry juice. I give her 8oz twice a day through NG. Not to mention I do peri care and clean her cath twice a day sometimes more if she needs it.



Well hopefully they get it kicked this time. I'm tired of her not feeling good. She suffers enough and not feeling good just makes everything so much harder for her.


Oh and by the way, the P.E.G tube insertion will be done on the 27th. Hope everything goes well. I'm nerves, worried, and yet excited to get rid of the NG, all at once and I have to feel this way for next 3 weeks.


Thanks again for reading my blog. Thank you for all your comments too and keep them coming. Any tips on what I can do to kick the UTIs for good would be great.


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My Dad had an NG tube placed when he was in the hospital after the stroke. He didnt do well when they tried to place it in the hospital room, so they brought him down to radiology to do it. He pulled it out the next morning, it was so uncomfortable! He had the PEG tube placed within the next week. Hard decision for us because we knew he would never want to permanently be put on a feeding tube, but he was basically incoherent, so we had to make a decision. Now 5 months out he only gets water flushed through his tube, he eats pretty well. As soon as he takes in enough fluids they will remove it. A PEG tube is soooo much more comfortable than an NG tube, but I understand that there are many long term ethical issues regarding this. Just realize that it is not a permanent solution, and can help someone get over the hump of not getting themselves enough nutrition.

All the best,


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Beth: you are not doing anything wrong. Mom's UTI's are from inactivity. I am sure her pericare is primo. Yes I would increase the cranberry juice, but biggest issue is probably she is not totally emptying. Try to get her to sit a bit longer when voiding. If she is using a bedpan, perhaps a bedside commode if you are comfortable with the transfer. She needs to sit as upright as she can. Sit her on side of bed with bedpan under her if she needs the bedpan. Of course, walking and exercise will also help, but just sit at bedside and then stand with help for a bit several times a day will help. I am not sure if she has an indwelling Foley, but if so, it needs to be changed. I don't care when it was put in. I know the protocols, but if this is continuing, it is time to change it. Levaquin is about as strong as you can get, but another consideration is Cipro, but it will be for a longer time, probably 7 to 10 days.

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