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Another infection. More antibiotics.



It's been 10 days since the P.E.G was placed and still no complications. Since having the NG tube removed we have seen great improvement. She now turns her head to the left on her own more and more everyday. She is talking more and making eye contact more now too.


We had her in to see her doc. for a follow up after the PEG was placed. She's doing good, but tested positive for another bladder infection. They say this one is different then the other infections she's had. They are going to have it cultured to see if they can figure out what is causing them. This time the doc. put her on Amoxicillin.


She gets an infection every time they change her catheter so I can't help but wonder if we're not getting not so sterile caths. I've been present when the nurses are here to change it and everything they do seems to be very clean and sterile. I'm doing peri care 2 or 3 times a day to make sure she is clean at all times. I just don't understand why she keeps getting these infections all the time.


Well hopefully this time the antibiotics do their job and get rid of it. I just want to get her to were she doesn't feel so sick and nasty everyday.


Will update again soon.


THank you for reading and leaving comments.


Blessed be to all.

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Beth, I am gong to invent an award system for special caregivers and give you the highest gold star award for all you do for your Mum.


I had a series of urinary tract infection that lasted almost a year, the slide proved it was a water based infection and I washed myself only in boiled (sterile) water for a time. I don't know how reliable the water they are using is but you could query that.I do hope the Amoxicillin works for her. It would be great if you could get her well in herself to continue rehabilitation.



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