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P.E.G tube placement a success!!



Finally I have some good news for once. Mom's P.E.G tube placement was a success. It's been five days since it was placed with no complications at all.. We had a little scare yesterday, but I mostly panicked. ( I had pulled the residual before feeding her and pulled out some old blood from when the tube was placed. Well I freaked over it and we took to hospital to have her checked over . Turned out to be normal.)


She has made great improvement since the tube in her nose was removed as well. She is talking more and turning her head to the left and making eye contact more too. Hopefully the infections are all cleared up so we can get back to rehab.


I am running short on time today and will need to make this short. I will be back soon.


Thank you again for reading my blog and leaving comments.


Blessed be to all.


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Beth: that is terrific news. This is the start to making things easier for both you and Mom and you will see her flourish. Thank you for sharing. Debbie

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That's Great news Beth. It's amazing how thrilled we get with even small steps forward, we've learned what being grateful is all about. Thanks for your good news, Mike (I remember my wife pulling out her NG tube twice when she wasn't thinking clearly, she's had the PEG for 5 months now)

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