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One thing after another.



I swear it's been one thing after another. She gets over being sick with one thing only to get sick with something els. She just finished another round of antibiotics for the U.T.I, but now has a sever thrush infection in her mouth and throat caused by the antibiotics. So now she's on another antibiotic for that. This one I have to swab 4ml. into her mouth 4 times a day. Plus I have to spray artificial saliva in between the times I give her the antibiotic.


It popped up out of no where too. I did oral care with her the night before and her mouth was fine. The next morning I got her up and her tongue and lower lip were so swollen that she couldn't talk. Scared the hell out of me. I though she was having some kind of reaction to something. Just wasn't sure what. Had the nurse come and check her and it turned out to be thrush.


It was the first time I didn't panic and call for an ambulance. I just called the agency our nurses come from and had them send a nurse to check her over.


She's been on the antibiotic a full 24 hours now and her mouth is 100% better and she is talking again. Hopeful this will be it with the infections and we can finally get her back to rehab and on the road to recovery.


P.E.G tube will be placed in 3 days. Hopefully having the tube out of nose will promote some rehab and she will be eating again with in the next two months. Hopefully there are no complications with it.


Will update again soon. Thanks to all my readers for you comments.


Blessed be to all.




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Wow, Beth, it is a real roller coaster ride for you Mom. She must be such a fighter to recover from all she has gone through.


Ask if there are drops you can get to put on her tongue when she is on antibiotics to stop thrush, I think I read about them somewhere. Usually you would take yoghurt in a pure form but I know she is unable to do that.


I really hope that once the PEG tube is in and the NG tube is out she will be able to communicate again.


You are such a support to her.


(((hugs))) from both of you from Sue.

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Beth: you are doing a terrific job. There is no way you could have prevented the thrush or foreseen it. Just a little tip for the future: Antibiotics don't know good bacteria from bad. They will go after whatever they are designed to fight. Will give you a heads up for the future. Getting your medical degree without even having to sign up for it-lol. I am so excited for you and Mom about the NG coming out. Mom will be able to move easier and of course the nutrition will be better and easier on all of you. Also she will be able to get out, which will make a big difference, even if just to the porch. Thinking of you and prayers, Debbie

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