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Doing better.



Mom is doing better. No more vomiting. Almost have her back on her normal diet. Will be adding the yogurt and juice back in gradually. Hopefully the infection will clear up soon. I'm getting worried about her mouth though. Shes not letting me swab enough. They make her gag and shes afraid of vomiting again. She'll let me wet her lips and clean off her tongue, but that's about it. Thank god she has full dentures or I would be really worried.


Hopefully we can get her felling better and keep her feeling better. I'm tired of all the side issues and infections. As if the stroke wasn't bad enough. Poor thing hasn't really had a fair chance to do rehab or therapy cause she has been sick so much on top of the stroke. We keep having to put things on hold cause it's been once thing after another. And of course it's now the start of flue and cold seasoning where we live at too, so now I have to worry about keeping all of it out of the house and away from me and mom.


Well hopefully things will get better for her once this tube is out of her nose. I can't wait to look at her with out it. It's been a long two months having to put up with it that's for sure.

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Beth, I admire your patient coping with all that is going on. I have never had to do the things you are doing for your Mom. Ray has always been able to eat, even if at first it was pureed foods and still I cut his meals up for him.


I wish I had a Good Caregiver's Award to send to you. There would be a few people here who would get one from me, well quite a few.


Hang in there, the NG tube will come out eventually and then you can give your Mum a smile and she will smile back. You are a wonderful woman in the way you care for her and I know she must appreciate that.



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