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24 hour stomach flu.



Had to deal with some technical computer issues so my blog is a few days later than planned. Had some issues accessing my blog, but I figured it out with some help.


Last couple days been real crappy. Mom got sick and vomited everything up for two days. Been giving her nothing but gatorade and infant rice cereal for most of today. Seems to be all she can handle at the moment. Not really sure what is causing it. She's not running a fever so it's not a virus. We started her on Cipro for the infections so we think it is that. She is on a higher does than before so we think it is upsetting her stomach. Like maybe it's not mixing well with the feeding formula she is on. We started mixing it with infant rice cereal and it seems to be more tolerable.


Been very stressful worry about if and when she'll vomit next. Mom is not very good about communicating when she is having issues or not feeling well. The first time she vomited she didn't say a word she just did it. Luckily I was in the room with her at the time and was able to react accordingly. The last few days we have been scared to death to leave her alone for fear of her vomiting.


I had a nurse come check her over yesterday and her NG tube was good and there was no signs of dehydration. She is doing better today. I gave her rice cereal with her Cipro and then waited an hour and gave her the rest of her meds with her feeding formula. I gave her half her normal amount and she tolerated it good. So hopefully the vomiting is done with.


We have noticed that if we set her back too far she starts to cough and than gag. At first I though she aspirated into her lungs, but the nurse says her lungs sound good. So now we think mom's throat is swollen from the NG tube and when she lays in certain positions the tube is touching her gag and causing her to react to it. She did the same thing when we tried to lay her on her right side. It has made it difficult to roll her and clean her and the bed up when we need to. Hopefully the Cipro will start to work and clear some stuff up in the next few days. She gets the NG tube out and PEG insertion done on the 27th, so hopefully she'll be feeling much better by then.


Anyways, ya'll take care. Will update again soon.

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the comments.

Thanks Hostsue for helping me figure out how to access my blog when I was having issues with it.


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Hi Beth, so glad you got started again. As I said I am NOT a technical person so if I did actually help that is great.


Sorry to hear you haven't solved your Mum's problems yet. I commend you for the way you work though, you are a champion.


Yep, it is pretty nasty cleaning someone up who is being sick. I am only just able to hold it in just long enough to clean Ray up sometimes when that has happened.


Get all the help you can to make your Mom as comfortable as you can. Caregiving can be tough over a long period and you really do need to pace yourself.



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So sorry to hear about your Mom's stomach problems. Hopefully things will go better when the PEG tube is in. It's not an easy job caring for someone after a stroke and I agree with Sue about pacing yourself. Hang in there and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.



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I hated the NG tube. I was so glad that it was left out the last time that William accidentally pulled it out. I am glad that we did not get a PEG tube put in. I was willing to do the thick food and pureeded food route.

I know that you will be much happier with the PEG tube.

worrying about vomit or poop or other bodily fluids is not fun. But, we learn to deal with lots of horrible things.

Just keep going. It does eventually get easier and better.


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