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update or very good news



hi there members well i know that i talk about snow and my unable to continue to do my twice a day walk because of the ice and the snow well a very good thing happen to me all of a sudden the rains come in and then the snow started to melt and then the sun come out and now i am able to go for a walk i just finish doing my 2nd walk for this day on saturday , and yes my scooter is still coming but now i have other thins to do to take my mind off of the scooter , i can"t believe how nice it is up here considering that it is november already i must be doing something rightand of coarse with christmas at our heels christian can"t stop talking about the toys that he is thinking that santa will be bring him oh yea and my wife caregivers just made me a christmas stocking to hung in the fire place it is really big thats what i asdk for a really big stocking so i can fill er up , i love getting presents and gifts i usually get up and find tmy gift with my name on it and pick it up and shake shake it up to try to figure what it is you see still just a kid at heart except for one thing when i was small i use to be able to grab for my gifts under the tree and rip it up to see what it is but now i wait until it is pas to me and christianwill say hey papa this is for you do you want me to open it for you i guess things haven"t changed munch when you think of it because now i gert two gifts for the price of one gifts under the tree i get to see christian eyes ligt up when he sees what i got and that is priceless , well i hope that all of you will have a wonderful christmas and that all good things will happen to you


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Solution: when you're making up YOUR list, telling Santa Claus what YOU want for Christmas, put at the top: NO SNOW and NO ICE.


Or do what we do when the snowdrifts or an ice storm stop us from going outside for our strolls --


Walk around the dining room table 400 times.



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Lenny, I was so happy to hear of the new scooter, but even more so that you were able to do your walks. Please just be careful.


I like you, used to "snoop" as my mother would call it. To this day, I still hate surprises. But one year shook some very good crystal my parents had gotten me to bits, so learned my lesson.


I have always felt the wonder of the holidays is in the children. I am so thankful you have Christian to give you and your family that gift.


Happy holidays and don't shake the packages, lol=Debbie

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Happy Holidays. you are so fortunate to have grandchild in your life who gives you gift of wonder of holidays. As we get older we loose charm of holidays. I am glad you still have that child like curiosity.



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