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birthday party at my house for christian



well it is now official it is my grandson christian birthday and so we order pizza we order 5 pizza boy was it ever good my wifes moter my mother in law was here at my house for christian birthday andno i tried not to spoil him but christian did get lots of gift but then again my grand son is lucky he has two families his moter my daughter and his father so i told him hey vhristian we are going to have a birthday party for you and he sain no pa pa i don"t think so because i"ve already had a birthday party so i said you see how special you are you get two birthday party so we had pizza and black forrest cake, and i thought there goes my dietoh but it was fun and hey you only live once so christian wanted a book on how to make a paper airplane so we got a book for christian and some books , and some games which he now ask all of us to play game with him i guess i work off the calories playing with him, so christian is into lots of sports he plays floor hockey and baseball, and dances the hip hop and goes swimming and is in grade two so he keeps busy he loves playing hockey with me but he is munch better than i the score was 100 to 11 and that was a good game i score 11 wow!!so you see i am 60 years old but my grandson keeps me younger well all the best to you


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Lenny, it is wonderful that you and Christian have such a close relationship. I am glad he was able to have a second birthday party at your house and you both enjoyed it so much.


(((hugs))) for Christian,from Sue (known as GrannySue to her friends at Kids Club).

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thanks for sharing. You are blessed to have have a grandchild. I do not have a grandchild yet. Enjoy and love him to death.


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