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good things to report 3 thingsyou know what they say good luck comes in three



well to begin with as you know i went for a colinoscopy, #1it was great no polups to speak of and now #2as you know when you go for a colonoscopy you have to cleanup as it were so no food and nothing by mouth and i got on the scales and oh my 188pounds i know that it was frommy lack of being able to eat but i will take it as it come and now i have saved the best for last and so #3i just found out that not only did the insurance came through for my scooter but the scooter is coming to my house on thursday at 10:30 so am i ever happy and do i ever feel lucky and my first trip on my scooter will be going to the massage therapy in porder to feel even better


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christmas came early for you, enjoy your health & your scooteroh thank you asha you are so kind and just to let ypou know i got my scooter and went on the scooter to my massage therapy and i love my new scooter and yes it was a great christmasc gift and i hope that you will have a lovely christmas day with all of your family



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