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since it is christmas i am feeling the christmas cheerr and very happy to have the friends that i have



well it is that time already time to give thanks to all of the friends that i have in my life and times to give thanks for being vlessed with the family that i have a good wife and a wonderful caregiver my son and my daughter and of coarse my grandson and lets not forget all of the friends that i have made through out the years as friendship is so hard to find and i must say that even though i had a stroke you must remember that had it not been for the strock that i had i would not have the privledge of knowing you and realise that i am glad that you are in my life as you know that friendships is very hard to come by, so i would lovre to recover from my stroke but having said that i am so glad that i have found stroke net and the great people that we have as members here on dtroke net , so as christmas comes around i have alot to be thankful for i am here to give me the ability to recover, thank you god i have a wonderful grand som thank you stephanie and i have alot to be thankfu;l for thank you michal my son and i have alot to to be proud of my family thank you darlene my wife and my caregiver and i have alot to be merry thank you jusus for being born on christmas so that we can celibrate your birthday forever and ever and thank you for the feelings that i have thank you stroke net for always being there ion a time of need and in my crisis and thak you for the cheer that i have thank you friends one and all and you all know who you are, and may all of you have a very merry christmas every one and have a happy new yearchristmas is a time of joy to be shared with love of family that i have in spades and christmas is a time of happiness and i have with all the friends that i have made here on stroke net thank you all one and all and may you have a very merry christmas


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What a heart felt blog Lenny. I so enjoyed reading it. I am so blessed you are our Ambassador of Good Cheer.... Whether blow by blow announcement of the Olympics in Canada or just good cheer with Stroke Net you are a permanent fixture.... Merry Christmas to you. You are a true blessing my dear friend. God Bless, Hugs, Jan

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My mum used to say: "To MAKE a friend you must BE a friend" that saying is about you Lenny, the greatest befriender here on Strokenet.


Have a geat Christmas my friend.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Merry Christmas to you too. I also feel blessed by stroke to meet such a wonderful people here on Strokenet. Have happy holidays with your loved ones.



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