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Having a very good mood day today. That usually makes everything else bareble so. My hair is a genuine hot mess but i think it looks awesome, lol. I have no doctors appointments today which is nice. Had my first physical rehabilitation and medicine appt yesterday. it was so long. My appt was at 10:20 but i didn't see the doc til like 12 and then Charlie had to leave me there cause Trinity had half days at school on Wednesdays and he had to be back at the house by 12:30 to get her off the bus so i didn't end up getting home until like 1:30 I think. I got to drive my truck twice yesterday which i was excited about. I miss not being able to drive myself around. It was the most hardest things wheni first got home, was having Charlie drive me around everywhere. He would drive me nuts cause I can't stand the way he drives, lol. Today id just going to be a chill day. Going to go get some more meds from the pharmacy ( I think I'm like 10 different meds, lol), then to the store and get some stuff to make nacho's. I made them for the first time the other day and it was the most yummiest thing that I have made since chicken adobo. I think I might have to make that again too..... Mmmm, all this good/Filipino food makes me miss my momma, lol. The snti-depressant are still sitting in my bag. I'm afraid to take them. I have ADHD and my parents put me on ritilan for about 4 years and it totally changed me and gave me OCD (hth did that happen??) so being on any kinda mood stablizer scares me big time. What to do, what to do. I don't feel depressed. But then again, I've never been depressed so I don't know what being depressed feels like. *Sighs*

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hey Jillian:


Its great that you are having great day. I was hesitant about antidepressant pills in the begining too, but they helped me to face each day with smile. once I was able to face the reality of my life& support from this site, I was able to get myself off them. Though I feel for me reading inspiring self help books, spiritual books and my family support helped me get off them in few years. Though during initial year antidepressant pills helped big time



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