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My Stroke Testimony/Story



About a month ago, I had a stroke. I’m 26 years old and I suffered a stroke. Kind of hard to wrap my head around. The arteries in the back of my brain are torn and clotted closed. We don’t really know how long I was walking around like this for, but about a month ago, I was standing in my dining room, I cracked my neck and down I went. I remember most of that night but what I remember the most was how scared I was because I had no idea what was happening to me, but I knew that it was very serious. So I shouted to God at the top of my lungs to please not let me die. I think that’s the first time that I have actually yelled at God. Things got kind of fuzzy when I got to the hospital, but after my angiogram (like a mini brain surgery), I remember my surgeon leaning down and whispering into my ear that what happened to me, how my body responded was a miracle. Now, at this time, I still had no idea what had happened to me. About my 3rd day, I started to come around and that’s when I found out what happened to me. I was supposed to have died that night, but my brain started to work in a way that most brains don’t, and it saved my life. My brain started to re route blood to my brain. They call it great back flow. Thing is, it isn’t supposed to flow that way. For the first few days, I laid on my right side because I had barely any movement or strength in that side. Three or four days in, I was sitting up by myself. At this time they started talking about getting a physical therapist down to start helping me walk and things of that nature. The next day I sat up and gave myself a bath, then two days later, I got up and walked on my own. No help from a physical therapist or anything. I think that God did that for me as well because He knew that I needed then because about 10 minutes before, I finally got tired of the doctors dodging my question about my hearing in my ear and if it would come back and I was told that most likely it wouldn’t and I was completely devastated. I was in tears and I needed to use the bathroom but I was told I needed to wait but something told me to just try and I got up and walked on my own. Now almost a month later, most of my hearing had returned. They even moved me back to ICU because the improvement that I made was so great and so quick that it made them so uneasy that they wanted to monitor me more closely. They say that I defided all the odds and they don’t know why I’m the way I am after suffering the ordeal that I did. I have a reason. I firmly believe that when I yelled to God, he reached His hand down and helped me keep my life. He did the re routing. I’ve always been a person of faith but this has strengthened it and eternally bonded it. I found that I look at things differently than before. More positive. This was just something that I had a very difficult time coming to grips with. Something that I still have trouble with. The things that I lost and the things that I have developed from this. I’ve spent a lot time crying and still do. But, as it stands, God not only saved my life, He spared me as well. It could have been a lot worst. I also find that my outlook on people have changed. I feel like I wasted a lot of time and energy on not liking people for the most mundane things or for reasons that I don’t even remember. All that energy spent on not liking someone to try to make yourself feel better, and all it ends up doing is making you feel worst. And in the end, what’s the point? Really isn’t one. Kinda silly when I think about it. I’ve never really cared about what other people have thought about me because my opinion was the only one that counted, but I should have been worried about what kind of person God see’s and thinks of me. He let Charlie keeps his wife, Trinity keep her mother, and He let me keep on being a mother, wife, daughter and sister. He gave me a miracle, now it’s time to give back and help give others the miracle they may need whether it be donating what I can or just giving a ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. I’ve tried to start seeing myself through God’s eyes and be the person He knows I can be, and I like what I see. He saved me, and now me and Him are working together to heal not only my body, but my whole being into a better person, through His eyes


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Yes, you are a miracle. I love miracles. God has plans for you and are ready to follow his lead. I am so proud of you. I am so happy that your life has changed.

Your testimony is wonderful. This is something that needs to shared again and again.


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wonderful story, your awakening from this ordeal has made you such a better person, I feel the same way about my stroke ordeal. when it has made us such a better person then nothing has gone to waste. keep up the good work of God going.



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